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Psoriasis and Essential Oils: the challenge with Myrrh

Psoriasis et huiles essentielles : le défi avec la Myrrhe

Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects 125 million people worldwide. It is characterized by scaly red patches in several places on the body. The daily lives of those affected are largely impacted because there is no definitive cure. What if Essential Oils could play a beneficial role in supporting this persistent dermatosis? Discover the action of Essential Oils on psoriasis.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a sometimes very debilitating dermatosis. It is in fact characterized by erythematous-scaly episodes (it is all red and flakes profusely) most often located on the elbows, knees, in the sacral region and on the scalp. Psoriasis develops in outbreaks, most often after increases in stress, and proves very difficult to treat for contemporary dermatology. Corticosteroids are often used, of course, but not always with the expected success. Many people don't get over it.

The recipe for Vegetable Oils and Essential Oils for psoriasis

In his bestseller "Aromatherapy", Dominique Baudoux gives us a formula based on Essential Oils diluted in Calendula Vegetable Oil to soothe psoriasis . Here is the recipe:

This mixture of approximately 0.5 ml can be used for two daily local applications on the affected area. To have more and prepare everything in advance, you can multiply the quantities by 10 and store everything in an amber glass bottle.

Warning: this recipe is, however, very concentrated and is not suitable for children, sensitive subjects, or very large affected areas.

In this formula, we notice the presence of astringent Essential Oils (which "repair" the skin) such as Geranium but also certain cleansing and antiseptic Essential Oils: Geranium , Rosewood and Ravintsara .

Finally, we note the presence of Matricaria (German Chamomile) . This Essential Oil for psoriasis plays the role of anti-inflammatory here to reduce itching .


Dominique Baudoux also recalls in his book the importance of draining the liver (for example with the Pranadraîne drinking product or with gemmotherapy).

Myrrh Essential Oil for psoriasis

And myrrh you tell me? Myrrh , commiphora molmol, is essential for psoriasis in aromatherapy. Its complex biochemical composition does not really explain it, but ethnopharmacy reports its extraordinary regenerating power on skin damaged by psoriasis or eczema . It is also sometimes recommended alone in combination with incense or spikenard.

It is undeniably one of the most effective essential oils for psoriasis. It is a 100% natural solution that helps reduce plaques and itching, and soothes the skin. Myrrh is an oleoresinous, which means that it is sometimes "solid" and that it must be heated in the hands to be able to take it in drops. Little tip: immerse the bottle in a small water bath of hot water before using it to liquefy it. It is then fluid and mixes very easily with vegetable oils , or with shea butter which also gives good results on the dry scales of psoriasis on the elbows or legs.

DIY recipe for psoriasis:

In this gel recipe, the Essential Oils are dosed at 4% for psoriasis in children and adults :

Let us remember that aromatherapy can therefore provide comfort to psoriasis, by harmoniously hydrating the skin thanks to the contribution of vegetable oils (calendula, calophyll, argan) and by preventing the development of the disease thanks to the aromatic molecules contained in chamomile, rosewood, but also many others less known including myrrh.

Other Essential Oils for psoriasis

Here are other essential oils for psoriasis that you can include in your care to protect the health of your skin and scalp:

  • Rose geranium : this Essential Oil has tonic and astringent properties for skin suffering from eczema and psoriasis. It notably tightens skin tissues thanks to its anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fine lavender : in the form of essential oil, proves to be a wise choice for soothing the unpleasant sensations of heat associated with psoriasis. With its skin regenerating and healing properties, it is an ally against this skin disease.
  • Tea tree: tea tree oil is anti-infectious and an immune stimulant. For psoriasis and eczema, it stimulates the activity of white blood cells and helps the immune system to regulate itself.
  • Matricaria chamomile: it is one of the essential oils since it is a powerful healing agent. It increases cellular repair and limits inflammation to promote the scarring process. A few drops of oil with that of Tea Tree and you increase the benefits of this product tenfold!


Aromatic pediatrics: Protecting little ones when winter arrives

With the arrival of winter, more and more of us are asking questions about the use of Essential Oils on children in order to strengthen their natural defenses. As a reminder, the use of Essential Oils on children and infants must be very careful. However, it is possible by respecting a few principles to allow our little loved ones to benefit from these aromatic treasures. Let's see this a little more closely with the work of Dominique Baudoux, aromatologist pharmacist, dedicated to Pediatrics. The work of Dominique Baudoux, " Practical Notebook of Aromatherapy according to the French school - vol. 1 Pediatrics " gives us a multitude of aromatic formulas adapted to children and infants. We first discover that children (around 20 kilos in weight) must limit themselves in the doses of Essential Oils used according to the methods of application. We often remind you that adult doses must be divided at least by 4 for a child between 3 and 6 years old. In this book, we also learn that a child can very well receive treatment in which we find Essential Oils which contain ketones (officinal sage, mentholated eucalyptus, etc.) but in very limited doses: 25 mg/dose /half day for the oral route, 100 mg/dose/half day for the dermal route. In general, however, we often avoid "potentially toxic" Essential Oils in usual care and find gentler alternatives, which sometimes allows a greater dosage and good effectiveness without risk. For example, a very interesting recipe for chronic bronchitis, so common among children these days: HECT Essential Oil of Cineole Myrtle (myrtus communis): 1ml; HECT of Ravintsara (cinaomum camphora) 4ml; HECT of Monarda (monarda fistulosa) 2ml; CEO of radiated Eucalyptus (radiata) 2ml - CEO of Inula (inula graveolens) 1ml; Hazelnut Vegetable Oil 5 ml. Or a massage oil with a very high dose of Essential Oils, but to be massaged very locally on children with 4 drops on the back and thorax (2 times 2) morning and evening for 10 days. For prevention, we understand that we can massage one or two drops of this mixture onto the solar plexus morning and evening as winter approaches. Dominique Baudoux being a father of 4 children and a pharmacist, he himself was able to test his recipes on his own children. A book to recommend to parents looking for natural solutions. Another recipe suitable for toddlers, and even infants who usually cannot use Essential Oils: pranaBB Organic pectoral balm . This balm can be used from 3 months and contains essential oils of noble chamomile, balsam fir, black spruce, shell marjoram, fragrant inula, and it makes baby's breathing easier while relieving small winter inconveniences. It is certified organic and therefore very natural.

Fabriquer un parfum sur mesure aux huiles essentielles !

une recette aromatisée pour se fabriquer un parfum sur mesure aux huiles essentielles.