The Pranarōm laboratory

The Pranarōm brand

Pranarōm is a scientific and medical aromatherapy laboratory founded in 1991 by Dominique Baudoux , an aromatologist pharmacist known worldwide and appreciated for his works on aromatherapy.

A family business at its core, Pranarōm has developed to become the undisputed and indisputable expert in innovative and natural solutions designed from 100% pure and organic chemotyped Essential Oils , real targeted responses to all areas of health and adapted to the whole family.

Through training and information sharing, the brand combines industrial application with a rigorous scientific approach and brings together ever more talent, innovative products and field initiatives.

Pranarōm is:

  • Mastery of the biochemical specificities (chemotypes) of Essential Oils;
  • A guarantee of quality: physicochemical and spectrographic analyzes from three independent laboratories;
  • A privileged relationship with artisan distillers;
  • Expertise: a team of researchers and scientists responsible for the development and analysis of the activity and toxicity profiles of Essential Oils;
  • An international presence in foreign universities and scientific conferences;
  • The availability of a wide range of wild or certified organic raw materials (Certisys-BE1 control);
  • More than 250 references of chemotyped Essential Oils and virgin and organic vegetable oils ;
  • The development in our laboratories of several lines of finished products based on chemotyped essential oils;
  • International expertise in the formulation of high-performance aromatic synergies and “Private Label” custom production;
  • Teaching: training programs, seminars and workshops.

A group of experts

Pranarōm is pleased to now bring together a growing number of collaborators and employees around the world. Pranar ō m's desire is to bring together more and more talents, innovative products and field initiatives, for a more harmonious life.

A family story

Dominique Baudoux is a pharmacist like his father and grandfather. In the 1980s, he was one of the first community pharmacists in Belgium to take an interest in Essential Oils for health.

Passionate from the beginning, Dominique Baudoux travels across France and Belgium to give conferences and training to his peers, in order to give Essential Oils the place they deserve in our family pharmacies. Very quickly, he flew to Japan, Quebec and South Africa where audiences of health and well-being professionals eager to discover scientific Aromatherapy were waiting for him.

An outstanding teacher, Dominique Baudoux tirelessly transmits the passion for essential oils and develops innovative aromatherapy products. His surprisingly effective formulas convince those around him of the incredible healing power of essential oils.

Collected in his first bestseller, “Aromatherapy – treating yourself with essential oils ”, his formulas will forever remain great classics of aromatherapy according to the French School, and make Dominique Baudoux one of the most respected aromatologists in the world.

Dominique Baudoux, founder of the Pranarôm laboratory

Pranarōm values

Pranarōm has unique expertise in the field of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. As such, the brand must serve the nobility of plants and put its knowledge at the service of nature and the health of all.

Constantly evolving, our scientists participate in numerous research and actively collaborate on important studies for tomorrow's health.

Scientific expertise

Following the line traced by Dominique Baudoux, pharmacist by training and aromatologist by passion, our scientists continue this meticulous work of research, analysis, bibliography and studies in collaboration with universities and hospitals.

Pranarōm brings together highly skilled men and women in a cutting-edge biomedical laboratory.


Disseminate information and make it accessible to everyone: to health professionals who want to follow us in this alternative health care option but also to anyone curious and wishing to take care of themselves and their family naturally. These training courses are recognized as the most serious in the aromatherapy sector. They are constantly renewed based on the laboratory's products and research.

Respect throughout the chain: from plant to bottle

The quality

Aromatherapy as it is offered by Pranarōm can only be practiced with products of constant and impeccable quality:

  • HECT label: selection of botanically certified plants;
  • Systematic analyzes and controls by independent organizations
    Traceability of each batch and control at all levels, from plant to bottle;
  • Production according to the HACCP standards procedure;
  • Full compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and laboratory practices (GLP).

Producer – distiller partners

Pranarōm works all over the world in close collaboration with producers and distillers of aromatic plants. This proximity allows Pranarōm to control the quality of its essential oils from the plant to the bottle.

In Madagascar, Pranarōm engaged with growers in the early 2000s in order to develop with them responsible cultivation of aromatic plants and traditional distillation that was respectful of both the environment and industrial quality.

In 2009, Pranarōm initiated a vast local development project in Antsirabe which provides stable and fair employment for more than a hundred people while preserving the laboratory's responsible supplies of Essential Oils. This project is AROMABE.

The respect

Pranarōm supports organic farming because it is best for nature. Whenever possible, Pranarôm formulates its products in ORGANIC quality and complies with the requirements of ORGANIC certification. Most products carry an organic certification label controlled by Certisys Belgium.

With a view to sustainable development, Pranarōm invests in Madagascar in the sustainable planting of organic ravintsara and other local plants. Ecological and sustainable production methods are thus respected. Pranarōm also invests in the cultivation of endangered species.

Alongside the production of Essential Oils, Pranarōm develops local services (doctors, nursing, education) on site in order to assist the growing Malagasy population.

Scientific aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to harmonize physical and mental health. Essential oils are used to enhance the natural healing process. It is a natural method which is based on the activity of the biochemical molecules of essential oils

Pranarōm, 30 years of essential expertise

Let's celebrate 30 years of essential expertise together

Pranarôm celebrates its 30th anniversary. 30 years of aromatherapy at your side. On this occasion, we invite you to go back in time and return to the origins and key moments of this beautiful Aromaventure.

Because if Pranar ō m is today the reference in terms of Essential Oils and scientific aromatherapy, values ​​have always driven the company since its creation. Which ones? They correspond to the five guidelines that guide all Pranar ō m collaborators and partners:

  • Guarantee access to the best Essential Oils;
  • Share knowledge through training ;
  • Advance scientific research;
  • Grow by taking a responsible and sustainable approach;
  • Innovate to make aromatherapy accessible to all.
More than ever, Pranarôm is anchored in these founding values ​​to continue, today and tomorrow, to offer the quintessence of nature, for your health.

    Aromatherapy, the passion for essential oils

    “30 years ago, when Pranarôm was founded, aromatherapy was unknown. “You want to treat with perfumes!” », I was told in the pharmacy, out of ignorance. Today, the whole world has heard about the wonderful virtues of essential oils.

    Scientific research on aromatherapy is developing at high speed, partly thanks to Pranar ō m. It took a lot of work to get here, and I am proud to have contributed to this influence.

    When Pranarôm was launched, there was little study of essential oils, and I set off on an adventure into unknown, sometimes hostile lands! But I am a man of challenges, and passionate about aromatherapy. A pharmacist by training, son and grandson of pharmacists, I aspired to other professional horizons when a homeopathic doctor friend offered me, one day in May 1988, to accompany him to a conference entitled “aromatherapy”. It was the starting point of a great family adventure, which continues beyond my expectations.

    I would like to thank the pharmacists, healthcare professionals, patients and of course the employees who have trusted us for 30 years. I sincerely believe that natural medicines, backed by a rigorous scientific approach, have a rich future ahead of them, in all areas of health. This is the direction taken 30 years ago, and this will still be the beating heart of our action tomorrow. »

    —Dominique Baudoux

    The best of science and nature

    Since its creation, Pranarôm has combined ancestral knowledge with the most modern scientific research. Pioneers in natural therapies, we have been able to create ranges of products based on active ingredients derived from the best plants to meet the needs of the whole family.

    Thanks to our comprehensive research program, we are an essential scientific reference for essential oils in the world. We can say without blushing that we have contributed to raising consumer awareness of the importance of taking care of their health, in a healthy and natural way.

    My hope for the future is that everyone will have the reflex, to preserve their health, to turn to natural products.

    Our ambition is to continue to innovate, identifying active ingredients and properties still unknown today and making them known to as many people as possible, in a responsible, sustainable and ethical approach.

    Quite simply, thank you to all our teams, collaborators, partners, our producers, our customers and all the users who have trusted us for 30 years.

    Pranarōm is: