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Everything you need to know about noble chamomile

Tout savoir sur la Camomille noble

Dominique Baudoux, founder of Pranarōm scientific aromatherapy, tells us about Noble Chamomile Essential Oil. Do you know the benefits of this precious oil on your health?

The start of the school year is well established and after months of confinement, remote working, changes in family life habits, it is time to gradually return to normal life. Yes, but there is a world before COVID and a world after. However, one thing is certain, any change whatsoever creates questions or expectations, joys, fears, opportunities or risks, etc. Faced with these uncertainties, there is no doubt that a significant number of employees could mistreat their nervous balance, disturbances in their emotions, disrupting a certain way of life that they had adopted.

Staying in harmony, in psycho-affective balance or simply remaining yourself is not obvious for each of us, this is where certain essential oils will act deep within you to facilitate the transition, allow evolution and take , if necessary, height in a return to a normalized daily life

Noble Chamomile, also called “Roman”, is the Essential Oil for these situations.

To benefit from this “noble” qualifier, it must have convinced numerous cultures as ancient as Egypt, the Greece of Asclepiades, the Rome of Galen and our Gallic Druids who considered it as a sacred plant, perfect plant mirror of the sun. It illuminates, it is radiant, it is comforting. Strong and gentle at the same time. Magic or miracle unless it

Therapeutic activity

When we look at the aromatic biochemistry of noble chamomile essential oil , we immediately see the predominant place of the class of terpene esters and its majority molecule: isobutyl angelate, always close to 40% . The very nature of this molecule gives it a very high potency for its calming, sedative, hypnotic and soporific activities and therefore it has a major interest in all nervous disorders of behavior, emotions, fears, sleep as well as for all nervous dystonias or in other words any symptom for which we see a nervous disorder as its origin: nervous eczema, nervous asthma, nervous spasms, digestive disorders, situations of mental and physiological blockage, etc.

Isobutyl angelate is also a superb antispasmodic : spastic pain, infant colic and other digestive spasms, period pain, etc. Excellent anti-inflammatory and very effective analgesic (pre-anesthetic), this molecule sees its action extended to dermatology for all pruritus and itching, for all redness and irritation, for all people with nerves on edge: eczema, psoriasis, herpes, shingles, etc.

Noble chamomile assures and reassures!

It offers the ability to detach yourself, to put things into perspective, to de-dramatize. Bringing calm, relaxation, serenity and harmony, its positive message reminds us that life takes precedence over all suffering. It is particularly dedicated to children and babies, adults and anyone whose hypersensitivity is a daily burden. But its molecular content highlights the presence of ketones, fortunately at non-toxic concentrations, especially if noble chamomile is in synergy with other HECTs as is almost always the case. The ketone molecule provides a very useful hepatovesicular action (choleretic bile duct) in cases of gallbladder stones. It is also muscle relaxant and as such, very effective on cramps and muscle contractures. Finally, it is antiparasitic and we will use it for all intestinal verminoses in early childhood. It must be present in all family aromatheques even if its price is higher than other classic essential oils. No living being will escape moral suffering and emotional shock, which is why she will be a perfect companion.

If it does not appeal to you, you can choose true lavender (less powerful) or angelica (equivalent or even more powerful).

This noble Chamomile essential oil has the advantage of having no toxicity . This perfect safety allows it for multiple uses in babies as well as seniors.

Therapeutic indications of noble chamomile

Psycho-emotional shocks and trauma

4 drops on the solar plexus and/or on each arch of the foot and/or on the inside of the wrists to carry out the olfactotherapy method and/or
10 to 15 drops on the back for a paravertebral massage starting from the neck and going down to the lower back, 2 to 3 times a day if necessary.

Addiction of all kinds

Regardless of the nature of the addiction (smoking, bulimia, drugs, alcoholism), the subject is the behavioral disorder initiated by discomfort, moral suffering and the addiction has become a barrier. This dependence requires work on oneself and the will to achieve the desired success.

4 drops on the inside of the wrists to carry out the olfactotherapy method as many times as the number of impulses of the patient for his addiction.

Nervous asthma

15 to 20 drops on the thorax or upper back and 6-8 drops in a little honey, yogurt, compote.
Protocol to be repeated every 30 minutes, for 2 hours then 3 -4 times a day depending on the evolution of symptoms.

Nervous eczema

2-3 local applications per day until significant improvement but the olfactotherapy method will judiciously complement topical use because it will act at the start of the skin symptom to prevent its manifestation.

Article written by Dominique Baudoux , founder of Pranarôm scientific aromatherapy.