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The natural detox cure

La cure DÉTOX au naturel

Food, the air we breathe, stress, tobacco, alcohol but also “acid thoughts” : these are sources of toxins . Our body has filters, but like all filters, they eventually become clogged!

Hence the interest in doing a detox treatment which will support our body in its task. Our ancestors had already understood this well, since detoxifying treatment has been part of many traditions for centuries through the use of plants. Spring is slowly arriving, this change of season is the ideal time to allow your body to regain all its vitality! So, what are detox essential oils?

The liver, a priority

The liver is a key organ of the body since it transforms nutrients into valuable cellular elements while rejecting waste and cleaning fluids. It is also the gland which determines the level of energy and tone by ensuring good quality blood circulation.

Its vital functions make it an organ to be taken care of, by moderating its alcohol consumption in particular, but also by cleaning it from time to time . To do this, you can opt for a course of detox essential oils to be taken orally daily to benefit from all the cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Eliminate toxins naturally for greater daily well-being!

My wellness cure

Even if the natural and quick reflex is to opt for an essential oil of Lemon essence , different detox essential oils can be used for your treatment to eliminate toxins and impurities. 

You can choose between an essential oil of Caraway , Carrot or even Rosemary CT verbenone according to your needs

Lemon Tree Essential Oil:

Tonic, digestive and depurative, lemon essence will activate all digestive and hepatopancreatic functions from which a true detoxification results. The user will be vigilant regarding its photosensitizing nature.

Carrot Essential Oil:

Carrot essential oil is recognized for its regenerating, tonic and revitalizing properties. It will drain the liver and kidneys and purify the skin, blood and circulation. In addition, it helps lower cholesterol levels.

Rosemary Essential Oil CT verbenone:

Remarkable for depuration and decongestion of the liver and gallbladder, this essential oil will be ideal as liver support in cases of overload or excess food. It will allow good digestion of fats in the diet thanks to its choleretic bile duct effect.

What dosage for detox essential oils?

To benefit from all the benefits of detox essential oils , some precautions are necessary for effective elimination of waste while protecting your stomach and digestive system.

We opt for 1 to 2 drops of the chosen essential oil in a teaspoon of organic vegetable oil, on a neutral support or on sugar. To be taken in the morning on an empty stomach for 3 weeks ideally. Indeed, the action of detox essential oils is progressive and the effectiveness is over time. Avoid taking essential oil close to meals.

Please note that this treatment will however be contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women, people suffering from liver or kidney failure, as well as in the event of long-term medication use!

Some tips for maximum efficiency

During your treatment, here is how to make the most of the virtues of essential oils to regenerate your cells:

  • try to adopt a detox mindset more generally by paying attention to your diet , your hours of sleep , your physical activity but also your thoughts ;
  • make your treatment an event in its own right;
  • avoid overloading your schedule to make your task easier, but also to rest, since this type of treatment can cause some fatigue in the first days;
  • hold on, the renewed energy at the end of the treatment and the resulting feeling of physical well-being will allow you to approach the start of the year with a strong mind!

My natural detox cure

Pranarōm has designed a real elixir with essential oils of lemon , peppermint , rosemary , star anise and lovage . This elixir not only supports the liver but also drains and purifies more generally thanks to extracts of artichoke, dandelion and milk thistle.


Every morning, shake the bottle and drink a 25 ml measuring cup or pour it into a glass of water. It is recommended to follow a 20-day course.

Oléocaps+ 8 drainage

Want to carry out your treatment using another galenic? In our Oléocaps + range, you will find Oléocaps+ 8 Bio drainage capsules . These capsules, designed with essential oils of peppermint , lemon , ginger , cardamom , mandarin and juniper , will help to cleanse and regenerate the detoxification organs .

Peppermint will have a draining effect on the liver and choleretic bile duct. At the same time as cleaning the liver, all degradation metabolites that are not useful for the body must be removed.

For this, extra-draining juniper essential oil promotes the evacuation of toxins from the emunctories (kidneys, intestines, skin). Ginger has the effect of supporting intestinal activity. Using Oléocaps+8 capsules, you will help your body eliminate the toxins that have accumulated there.


Take 1 capsule morning and evening before a meal, for 14 days. To be renewed according to your needs, 2 to 4 times a year (especially in spring and autumn).

Slimming goal

A draining treatment does not lose a lot of weight in itself. However, it allows you to reconnect with your body and its needs by eliminating toxins, water retention and fatty deposits .

It is therefore an excellent start which will give you the energy, if necessary, to start a diet and make your weight loss long-term. A drop of essential oil can change everything about your motivation!

Give yourself this health boost, this natural reflex, and observe the results on your state of mind and being. And to complete this moment of relaxation, why not add a few drops of detox essential oils to your bath water or hydrosol ? The use of our products is multiple for an aura of well-being and comfort on a daily basis.



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