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How to deal with stress with Essential Oils?

Comment faire face au stress avec les huiles essentielles ?

Today let's talk about a subject that many people know well: stress! Exams, global pandemic, work overload, teenage crisis or big presentation at work: these are all situations that can cause stress. Stress disrupts the daily lives of millions of people and has repercussions on their health. So what to do? How to naturally succeed in being more relaxed and soothed thanks to Essential Oils?

Discover all the benefits of anti-stress Essential Oil!

What is stress ?

By a simple definition, stress designates the psychological mechanism implemented by the body to cope with a particularly trying situation or considered as such. There can be positive stress, “eustress”, which triggers the right adrenaline rush to cope, the concentration of our energy towards effective action. “Distress”, or negative stress, which today we simply call “stress”, is maladaptive stress: when we are confronted too often or for too long with events perceived as dangers.

According to psychologist Alexandre Mergui, stress can affect anyone, episodically or sometimes daily, becoming a real handicap in daily life. Stress corresponds to an “imbalance between the individual’s perception of an external constraint and the resources available to him to cope with it”. The body then reacts against what it feels like aggression or pressure.

“Very often, when we are in a state of stress, the messages do not get through and the communication is sterile, frozen. We are not at all available to think or to open our minds: we are closed”

-Sandrine Corbiau

Our environment in perpetual transformation

Our world is VUCA or VICA in French. This acronym designates our environment which is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It's difficult to avoid stress in a society where transformations are accelerating and performance is king.

WHO studies show that everyone is affected, from dynamic executives to workers, students and mothers. The collateral effects can be serious when the perceived pressure is significant and constant. And then not everyone has the opportunity to decompress or has not learned the techniques that would reduce this pressure. The causes are diverse, a hectic life, or a boring life without challenges, new means of communication (smartphone/email/social networks) and hyperconnectivity.

Fortunately, organic Essential Oils are natural solutions to reduce stress and anxiety! Aromatherapy is a healthy and long-lasting complement to medication: you can relax and regain your calm by using the right anti-stress essential oil whenever you feel the need, at home or outside.

The ultimate anti-stress Essential Oils

The list of anti-stress Essential Oils is long and here are the main ones:

    Without reviewing them all, we will focus on the first three anti-stress Essential Oils on this list which also exist in Essential Oil pearl format for simplified oral use.

    As a reminder, the equivalence of essential oil pearls is as follows: 1 pearl = 1 drop

    For more information regarding essential oil pearls and their dosage, we invite you to read one of our dedicated articles: My Essential Oil pearl to take in case of stress

    Anti-stress Essential Oil of True Lavender

    “I let go of the pressure”

    True Lavender Essential Oil comes from the steam distillation of the flowers. It is one of the essentials to have in your first aid kit since it has many virtues and is well tolerated by all profiles (children and babies included). It helps regulate the nervous system in cases of anxiety, agitation, insomnia, digestive discomfort of nervous origin or even bloating. Studies have in fact demonstrated that certain molecules of real lavender regain the blood circulation and can reduce the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which explains this anti-stress action.

    Its composition in aromatic molecules is very close to the essential oil of Petit grain bigarade (high concentration of linalyl-acetate and linalool). I just need to sniff its sweet Provençal scent for a few seconds to feel better!

    The properties of True Lavender Essential Oil

    This Essential Oil against stress has very interesting properties:

    • Antispasmodic, muscle relaxant (linalool, terpinen-4-ol, linalyl acetate);
    • Soothing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative (linalool, linalyl acetate): helps reduce pain. Stress and sleep management;
    • Healing, regenerative and antiseptic.

    In the area of ​​stress, this essential oil will be recommended when you feel rather agitated, nervous, irritable, in a state of general overactivity due to this tension. It will allow you to be more positive and more zen.

    Usage tips :

    Here is how to use anti-stress Essential Oils:

    You can also prepare a massage oil by diluting 2 to 4 drops of True Lavender Essential Oil in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil (from 12 years old).

    In diffusion: Pour 5 to 10 drops into an ultrasonic diffuser and diffuse for 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day to create a zen atmosphere. To diffuse alone or in synergy with other anti-stress essential oils.

    Mandarin Essence against stress:

    “I think before I sleep”

    Essential Oil, or more precisely, Mandarin essence is obtained by cold pressing the zest of the tangerine. Mandarin essence with its refreshing, sweet and fruity scent will be particularly interesting for relieving digestive disorders, or for soothing stressed, anxious people who tend to think.

    The properties of Mandarin Essence

    This Essential Oil against stress is ideal for:

    • Relieves digestive disorders (heartburn, GERD, gastritis, gastric ulcer, mild constipation, difficult digestion, colitis, irritable bowel);
    • Promotes relaxation, relaxation, anti-stress (agitation, nervousness, stress, overwork, insomnia).

    This essence is recommended when you cannot fall asleep in the evening, when you think. When you are stressed or constipated, it will allow you to be more relaxed, calmer and regulate digestion.

    Usage tips :

    • Mandarin Pearls : From the age of 6, 2 pearls in the evening before bed.
    • Mandarin essence : From the age of 3, 2-3 drops of essence on the pillowcase or on a tissue to inhale.

    In diffusion: Pour 5 to 10 drops into an ultrasonic diffuser and diffuse for 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day to create a Zen atmosphere conducive to falling asleep or in combination with other essential oils.

    Create your own synergy with our Anti-Stress Diffusion recipe .

    Spearmint Essential Oil to soothe

    “I have a knot in my stomach”

    Spearmint Essential Oil is known for its fabulous smell of chlorophyll chewing gum, which is why it is nicknamed “Hollywood mint”. It has properties: digestive, sedative and antifungal.

    Refreshing, it is used for catarrhal infections of the respiratory tract, blocked noses, acute and chronic bronchitis and even digestive disorders. On an emotional level, spearmint facilitates a clear mind and a feeling of calm. Studies have shown that the ketones in this essential oil have a relaxing action on the nervous system (by inhibiting certain specific molecular messengers), which helps limit states of anxiety or chronic stress.

    The properties of Spearmint Essential Oil

    It is recommended to use this Essential Oil against stress to benefit from the following effects:

    • Digestive tonic and bile stimulant;
    • Nervous calming (anxiety attack, blocked solar plexus, emotional shock, disordered thoughts);
    • ENT and respiratory disorders.

    This essential oil is recommended when you lack appetite, are anxious, tense, your stomach is in knots and you need relaxation and digestion management.

    Spearmint Pearls : From the age of 18, 1 to 2 pearls, 3 times a day.

    Essential Oil for stress: synergistic effects

    There are numerous products developed by the Pranarōm laboratory which offer ready-made synergies to be used in capsules, diffusion or skin massage. Among these products here is a small selection ideal for quickly relaxing:

    Relaxation capsules:

    OLEOCAPS + 7

    We find our famous anti-stress Essential Oil of True Lavender in these capsules with 100% organic essential oils. They are composed of several essential oils: Mandarin essential oil, True lavender essential oil, Caraway essential oil and Rapeseed vegetable oil.

    The capsules make it easier to take essential oils orally and to be sure that the doses are respected.

    To promote sleep, simply take 2 capsules in the evening. To promote relaxation in cases of temporary stress: 1 to 3 capsules per day with meals. To be swallowed with a little water.

    Sleep and relaxation


    One of our natural solutions against stress that you probably already know is the AROMANOCTIS organic sleep and relaxation spray. This atmosphere spray was designed with Sweet Orange essential oil, True Lavender, Bergamot, and Noble Chamomile to induce healthy and restorative sleep.

    It can be used in the atmosphere and on tissues a few minutes before bedtime, from a very young age (+1 year).

    Our other tips for dealing with stress naturally

    People prone to stress often suffer from a lack of magnesium, which can then affect your mood. In addition to using an anti-stress essential oil, it is advisable to take a magnesium cure or enrich your diet with elements that contain it (such as bananas, chocolate, almonds, cashew nuts, fruit of sea, etc.).

    A healthy lifestyle is also recommended, particularly in cases of chronic fatigue. Consider taking a micro-nap after lunch to reduce blood pressure and palpitations caused by stress and relax so you can start your day again with peace of mind!

    Everything related to deep breathing, sophrology, relaxation techniques and meditation also helps reduce persistent stress.