Choosing your vegetable oil: your allies for winter

Choisir son huile végétale : mes alliées pour l’hiver

Cold, wind, rain, friction of clothes and sudden changes from hot to cold... Winter puts our skin to the test by directly attacking its protective layer which weakens little by little. Result: our skin tends to dry out and lose tone and vitality, creating tightness and discomfort, even redness or peeling skin. Their naturally hydrating, healing, soothing, even anti-inflammatory or anti-aging properties make them true allies of winter. Vegetable oils offer a simple and effective response, a gesture to adopt in your daily routine. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best, you are spoiled for choice!

Macadamia Vegetable Oil

Nourishes and softens

Part of the plant extracted: Nut

Its creamy texture and smell are reminiscent of roasted nuts. Macadamia Oil is rich in palmitoleic acid (Omega 9), a rare fatty acid which gives it its repairing and nourishing properties , particularly appreciated by dry and weakened skin. Very pleasant as a body oil, it is very penetrating and does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin, which makes it an excellent base for preparing a massage oil.

Composition: Macadamia vegetable oil is composed of ¾ monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9 including palmitoleic acid, very hydrating, and oleic acid) and approximately 10% saturated fatty acids.

Use: Face ✓✓✓

Castor Vegetable Oil

Strengthens and protects

Part of the plant extracted: Seed

Cold pressed extract of this oil with a surprisingly thick and viscous texture will delight brittle hair and nails damaged by the cold. Applied alone or in addition to other vegetable oils, Castor Oil takes care of damaged and dry hair. To strengthen brittle nails, massage a drop onto each nail every evening.

Composition: 85% monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9 mainly ricinoleic acid and oleic acid).

Use: Body ✓✓✓ - Hair ✓✓✓ - Nails ✓✓✓

Argan Vegetable Oil

Regenerates and protects

Part of the extracted plant: Fruit of the Argan tree

Used since the dawn of time by Berber women for the protection and vigor of their skin and hair, Argan Oil is a marvel of balance rich in vitamins and antioxidants. This makes it the ideal partner for mature skin, particularly in winter. When it is of good quality, its smell is reminiscent of roasted nuts. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin, it will be applied to the face with a light massage, providing radiance and suppleness to mature skin. It will soothe and repair redness and chapping that may appear on the body or hands.

Composition: Very balanced, it is composed of 32% polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, 40% monounsaturated fatty acids and 20% saturated fatty acids.

Use: Face ✓✓✓

Avocado Vegetable Oil

Nourishes and softens

Part of the plant extracted: Fruit pulp

Who doesn't know the health benefits of avocado? Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it is also a true beauty ally for skin and hair. Avocado Vegetable Oil is very nourishing. It is therefore ideal for softening and deeply repairing dry and fragile skin . Neck, chapped hands and dry legs "crocodile skin",... As a hair mask, it will also work wonders on dry, dull and brittle hair. Protect your hair from friction caused by collars and scarves by adopting vegetable oil in your care routine.

Composition : 70% monounsaturated fatty acids 15% palmitic acid.

Use: Face - Body - Hair

Hemp Vegetable Oil

Nourishes and softens

Part of the plant extracted: Seeds

In recent years, Hemp Vegetable Oil has experienced a revival, among other things thanks to the numerous natural cosmetic recipes which praise its softening and regenerating properties. And for good reason, this vegetable oil has its place in our skincare routine. A true gentle oil, it is perfectly tolerated by all skin types, including sensitive skin. Applied in the morning, it will protect the skin from dehydration and leave it supple and satiny for the whole day.

Composition : 70% polyunsaturated essential fatty acids and 15% monounsaturated fatty acids.

Use: Face ✓✓✓ - Body ✓✓✓ - Hair ✓✓✓

Cranberry Vegetable Oil

Revitalizes and soothes

Part of the plant extracted: Seeds

A precious oil rich in antioxidants. Cranberry Vegetable Oil has an exceptional composition which helps to limit oxidative stress and aging caused by free radicals (UV, pollution, etc.). Applied in the morning, it strengthens and regenerates the skin's barrier which will be nourished and armed for the day. Its soft texture also soothes sensitive skin prone to irritation due to the cold of winter. It is also the anti-aging ally of mature skin.

Composition: 65% polyunsaturated fatty acids (Almost 32% Omega 3 and 32% Omega 6) and 20% monounsaturated fatty acids.

Use: Face ✓✓✓ - Body ✓✓✓

Shea butter

Nourishes and repairs

Part of the plant extracted: Nut

A true protective, softening and nourishing balm. Particularly melting and easy to massage, shea is your ally in facing the cold in many situations. It protects and repairs dry and fragile skin, and soothes redness and inflammation sometimes linked to friction from clothing. Thanks to its “bandage effect” texture, it heals damaged skin in the event of cracks or dry patches, including in babies. To protect the skin from the cold, apply a small amount of shea butter to the hands before going outside. On the front line against the cold of winter, your lips. Massage your lips with a dab of shea and they will thank you! As a mask on the hair, shea butter will be the ideal companion for dry and frizzy hair.

Composition: A large half of monounsaturated fatty acids and 25% of saturated fatty acids.

Use: Face - Body - Hair


On the face and body

Pour a few drops of vegetable oil (3 or 4 are enough for the face) into the palm of your hand, rub in your palm to warm slightly then apply to the skin, massaging delicately to promote micro-circulation.

As a hair mask

Summer or winter, your hair requires special attention in the face of seasonal aggressions. Coat your hair with vegetable oil, focusing on the ends for hair with oily roots and dry ends and on the scalp in case of dandruff. Leave on a warm towel for 1 hour, or even overnight. Rinse with a mild shampoo.

My anti-aging serum recipe

Mix 20 ml of Cranberry vegetable oil with 30 ml of Argan vegetable oil. Add 4 drops of Rose Geranium EO. After cleansing your skin, massage 1-2 drops onto your face after applying your night cream. This serum will offer your skin a tightening, cellular restructuring and antioxidant effect.