Better heal wounds with Essential Oils

In his book "Aromatherapy: treating yourself with Essential Oils" , Dominique Baudoux offers numerous formulas based on Essential Oils which have a curative aim for the skin.

One of them treats wound healing, with true lavender in particular. In dermatology, the question of wound healing is indeed crucial.

A clinical study demonstrates that the use of true lavender Essential Oil is appropriate for the care and healing of post-episiotomy wounds. This reinforces our idea of ​​adding true lavender Essential Oil to our healing preparations.

A healing formula for wounds: Dominique Baudoux, aromatologist pharmacist, gives us in his book "Aromatherapy, healing with Essential Oils" the following formula for wounds:

Directions for use: 3 to 4 drops of the mixture on the wound 4 times a day for 4 to 5 days.

It is obvious that this formula which uses pure Essential Oils on the skin is only suitable for superficial wounds and is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or children under 6 years old. This formula gives pride of place to real lavender which is recommended here for its simultaneously cleansing and soothing action.

A clinical study on the benefits of lavender:

In the study "Healing advantages of lavender essential oil during episiotomy recovery" (Vakilian K, Atrha M, Bekhradi R, Chaman R, Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2011 Feb;17(1):50-3.) , we discover that 120 women who underwent an episiotomy during childbirth participated in a clinical study to evaluate the possible contribution of True Lavender Essential Oil to the healing process.

For this study, 60 women out of 120 were treated with olive oil dosed with 1.5% essential oil and sitz baths with 5 to 7 drops of lavender essential oil in 4 liters of water two times a day for 10 days.

The other 60 women in the control group received routine care with Povidone-iodine. On the 10th day, the study demonstrated that the group of women treated with lavender was less prone to pain, did not experience cases of edema of more than 2cm and suffered from significantly reduced redness. The difference with the control group was clear: the addition of lavender essential oil in the treatment was beneficial.

Conclusion: This case study leads us to believe that it is interesting to add True Lavender Essential Oil in the treatment of wounds, even if logically we think much more often of the astringent oils of geranium, cistus or rosewood, often combined with tea tree and chamomile.


Marjoram in Thujanol, an essential alternative for Thyme in Thujanol!

Thujanol thyme essential oil (thymus vulgaris CT THUJANOL) is an essential oil that is very frequently found in aromatherapy forms to treat the respiratory or muscular sphere as well as fatigue...

Better prepare for exercise with Essential Oils

Back to school has passed and many of us have returned to physical activity with great pleasure. Sport is excellent for your health but it is not always done without harm! Warming up is essential in most cases, and especially if you are preparing for intense efforts or if you have stopped physical activity for a long time... Certain Essential Oils can help us prepare the muscles and joints under stress. This is what the AROMALGIC spray offers us. Aromalgic Spray, concentrated formula! Pranarôm offers you a very effective and practical spray based on Essential Oils. The Aromalgic range also exists in the form of massage oil, ideal after exercise or as a basic treatment for painful joints. The AROMALGIC spray uses the best Essential Oils for the joint, tendon and muscular sphere. The following Essential Oils are found in the AROMALGIC spray formula: the essential wintergreen (gaultheria procumbens) : an Essential Oil known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic action; Wild Mint (mentha arvensis) : a fresh mint with an ice cube effect for an analgesic action; Lemon Eucalyptus (eucalyptus citriodora) : the “firefighter” Essential Oil which soothes the fire of inflammation; lemon litsea (litsea citrata): for relaxation, flexibility and warm-up before exercise; Lavandin (lavandula burnatii or grosso) : We sometimes forget it but lavandin is also known to be a good analgesic; Scots Pine (pinus sylvestris) : A most invigorating Essential Oil to prepare the body for exercise; Chinese cinnamon (cinnamomum cassia) : Well dosed, cinnamon is one of the most invigorating and warming essences; Katrafay (Cedrelopsis grevei) : the star which comes from Madagascar and lavishes us with its benefits. An Essential Oil ideal for calming inflammation and softening tissues. The AROMALGIC spray can be used in all directions (even upside down to reach the back of the limbs). In case of muscle and/or joint discomfort, spray 2 to 3 times a day on the affected body area. For warming up before physical activity: spray locally.