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1,2,3 slimming! Lose weight with essential oils

1,2,3 minceur ! Mincir avec les huiles essentielles

You know that only a good balanced diet and physical activity can really help you lose weight. Yes, but it's far from easy and fashionable cosmetics promise you to lose 2 cm around your waist and sculpt your figure in a few days. Not to mention fat-burning food supplements. What is it really ?

Essential oils are valuable allies in a slimming treatment. They can be used at several levels to support you in your diets. Shall we take stock?

Synergies based on essential oils

Cellulite and cellulite

Essential oils are second to none when it comes to dislodging localized fats and restarting blood circulation. In case of cellulite, they do a remarkable job , often better than commercially available slimming creams.

A recipe for anti-cellulite treatment? Add the following essential and vegetable oils to 75ml of body milk (as neutral as possible):

You get 100 ml of care product. Store everything in a glass bottle away from air and light. Massage vigorously morning and evening the areas to be treated (dimples on the buttocks and thighs, stomach, etc.).

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The irresistible urge to eat

As part of a diet, you must not break down. Whenever you want to rush for cookies or something else, take a drop of this mixture directly under the tongue and let it melt while breathing calmly:

Be careful, if you suffer from binge eating (compulsively ingesting quantities of food and then making yourself vomit), you should consult a doctor and fight against nervous stress .

Bloated stomach and aerophagia

We can sometimes lose 1cm of waist size by facilitating digestion. Many essential oils have a beneficial effect on digestion : Ginger , Peppermint , Basil , etc. They are found in Oléocaps 3 Digestive Comfort capsules.

You must attack fats on several levels with essential oils and not neglect the advice of a doctor. Exercising and drinking plenty of mineral water are also a no-brainer.

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Essential Oils: Discover cinnamon and Java lemongrass in a practical way!

Looking for DIY recipes and practical aromatherapy advice? If you are a reader of ours, you know that we regularly offer educational sheets on different Essential Oils to help you discover their aromatic molecules and understand their benefits. These sheets contain detailed information on the featured Essential Oil as well as practical recipes. This week, we offer you two new practical sheets to download: cinnamon and Java lemongrass. To discover as soon as possible for a “hot” summer! Indeed, Cinnamon Essential Oil (a branch of "cinnamomum cassia") is an Essential Oil that is rarely used since it is very irritating to the skin and mucous membranes (dermocausticity of aromatic aldehydes). Nevertheless, it has its place in certain formulas for cleaning the digestive tract and for cooking (long live flavored desserts!). It also warms the senses when it is very weakly dosed in a cosmetic. Java lemongrass (cymbopogon winterianus) is one of the summer essentials for its two-in-one effect: mosquito repellent and soothing in case of bites. Its anti-inflammatory action is also documented in joint care protocols.

E. Coli et aromathérapie : une stratégie adéquate ?

Connaissez-vous la bactérie E.coli (Escherichia coli) ? Ce type de bactérie (il y en a en fait plusieurs) est bien connue des professionnels de l’aromathérapie. En effet,  certaines huiles essentielles anti-infectieuses se sont révélées efficaces sur de nombreuses souches et beaucoup de publications en ont fait état.