Digestion and intestinal health recipe: Appetite suppression

Recette digestion et santé intestinale : Coupe-faim

This inhaler stick with luxurious grapefruit fragrance will help you get over your desire for sweet things throughout the day. Naturally, you also have to want to make the change.

To make my synergy

EO Grapefruit - 15 drops
Inhaler stick

How to use it

Breathe the stick in as soon as you feel the need.


Autorisé aux femmes enceintes

+ 6 years
3 months
Temps de préparation

 How can I carry out my blend?

- Remove the cotton wool from the inhaler stick

- Carefully place the drops of your essential oil blend along the full length of the cotton wool

- Replace the cotton wool in the stick and close with the base.

Useful to know: has your stick lost most of its fragrance? Carefully remove the base of the stick and again add fifteen drops to the cotton wool.

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