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Hot flashes and aromatherapy, what formula?

Bouffées de chaleur et aromathérapie, quelle formule ?

Many women around the age of menopause complain of hot flushes. It is generally estimated that 8 out of 10 menopausal women are affected. Significantly, some more sensitive women are also prone to hot flushes during their menstrual cycle. Episodes of hot flushes generally last between 2 and 10 minutes and are repeated several times, throughout the day or sometimes even in the middle of the night, which can cause sleep disturbances. Hot flushes occur mainly in the chest or face, but can then spread to the whole body, causing very uncomfortable 'cold sweats'.

How can aromatherapy help?
Hot flushes are generally treated with moderate success using hormone replacement therapies, but they are known to respond well to the use of Essential Oils applied to the skin and/or orally. A formula from Dominique Baudoux, pharmacist and aromatologist, is sure to pique your interest.

An aromatic oil for massage
Night sweats, difficult to bear. In his "Formulaire d'aromathérapie pratique pour le prescripteur et le conseil pharmaceutique" (Practical aromatherapy form for prescribers and pharmaceutical advisers), Dominique Baudoux suggests a highly aromatic massage oil formula on page 105, indicated for hot flushes:

vHECT Pistacia Lentiscus (Pistachio Mastic) 1 ml ;
HECT Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) 1 ml ;
HECT Cupressus Sempervirens (Evergreen Cypress) 5 ml ;
HECT Helychrisum Italicum (Immortelle) 2 ml ;
HECT Melaleuca quinquenervia CT cineole (Niaouli) 2 ml ;
Calophyllum Inophyllum Vegetable Oil (Calophylla) 3 ml ;
100 ml hazelnut oil - coryllus avellana
The result is an aromatic massage oil with a fairly powerful scent, containing 9% Essential Oils, for local application 2 to 3 times a day on the stomach or at the base of the spine, using 8 drops of massage oil per application. The author recommends massaging for 3 weeks until the condition improves.
Obviously, this oil is not suitable for pregnant women or young pubescent women. The formula contains Essential Oils with a very interesting tropism for the circulatory system, including Lentisque, Cypress and Helichrysum, plus a small dose of Calophyllum oil, which is also recommended for venous and vascular disorders. Peppermint is also welcome for its refreshing icicle effect.

Powder capsules to be prepared in a pharmacy
In addition to the massage oil, Dominique Baudoux also offers a capsule formula that can be prepared by a pharmacist in a pharmacy:

HECT mentha piperita (peppermint) 50 mg ;
HECT Pistacia Lenticus (pistachio mastic) 15 mg ;
Citrus limon essence (lemon zest) 35 mg;
An excipient powder 300 mg to make a capsule n°0 dt 60
The book recommends 1 capsule morning and evening before meals from the seventh to the twenty-first day of the cycle, as required. This formula can therefore be used during the menopause, the premenopause or in the event of a difficult cycle. The two routes of administration can be combined. It is interesting at this stage to draw a parallel between the capsule formula mentioned above and the composition of Oléocaps 6 Essential Oil capsules. Recommended in cases of circulatory discomfort (heavy legs, etc.), these capsules contain a synergy of Essential Oils of Niaouli, Patchouli, Mastic Pistachio, Scots Pine and Clary Sage. 

As an experienced aromatherapist, we can therefore consider that this synergy could also be indicated as a complement to the massage oil described above, if it is not possible to make the mastic, mint and lemon-based capsules. For example, it would be possible to take 1 capsule of Oléocaps 6 morning and evening with meals, with a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil mixed with a teaspoon of Vegetable Oil or honey. This alternative use of capsules is described here on an exceptional basis, but makes sense thanks to the presence of lentisque, niaouli and clary sage in the formula.

NB: Be careful not to confuse Oléocaps 6 capsules with Oléocaps 5 gynaecological comfort capsules, indicated in the event of an uncomfortable menstrual cycle. The latter are a valuable aid in the event of menstrual problems.

Other ways to reduce hot flushes?
Already mentioned on this blog, evening primrose oil is often described as a mature woman's best friend, as many women who suffer from hot flushes appreciate taking it orally.

It's worth remembering that a low-spice, caffeine- and alcohol-free diet is also useful in managing the symptoms of a difficult menopause. It's also worth remembering that in the event of long-lasting and serious problems, it's imperative to consult a doctor and follow his or her recommendations to the letter.


Marjoram from Spain, this beautiful unknown

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Pranarôm invests in sustainable development in Madagascar

As an expert in scientific aromatherapy in Europe, Pranarôm strongly supports sustainable development, particularly in Madagascar through AROMABE, an economic and social organic agricultural development project. AROMABE is more than 45 hectares of land cultivated by Pranarôm in the Antsirabe region. We of course grow ravintsara there, the “good for everything” plant whose leaves give us an essential oil with exceptional cleansing and immune properties. On the fringes of Ravintsara, Pranarôm also cultivates more common herbs on site such as geranium, marjoram, pepper, cloves, marigold and even a little lavender. All in ORGANIC quality. A nursery The major interest of the activity is also the nursery which allows the birth of new organic ravintsara plants. It is a great place to grow herbs in the best possible conditions. AROMABE chooses organic but also sustainable. The Ravintsara plants in particular are well spaced, and the distillation only takes place on mature leaves, in order to preserve the wood and therefore the plants at all costs. Jobs The AROMABE project could not exist without its staff. Initially initiated by the management of Pranarôm from Belgium and a local player in the essential oils trade, the AROMABE company today has 70 employees. There we meet agricultural workers employed under long-term contracts, but also horticulturists, engineers and administrative staff. Everyone knows each other and social bonds have been forged over the years, notably thanks to the famous football tournament that Pranarôm has been organizing since 2010 (we told you about it here ). A real distillery The goal ? Make a real distillery available to farmers, Pranarôm harvesters and potential partners. In April 2012, the project was well and truly finished and the AROMABE artisanal site has nothing to be ashamed of. A secure space of more than 3000 square meters, a large and high quality distillery, a water tower to collect the spring water necessary for distillation, and brand new offices. Local support The official ceremony was marked by a speech from the Minister of the Environment Joseph Randriamiarisoa, enthusiastic about such professionalism, and by an inauguration speech from Dominique Baudoux, whose already impressive career is adorned with a new appreciable memory, that of a new step towards more quality and more transparency for scientific aromatherapy that respects Man and Nature. The Minister of the Environment, very committed to the defense of Malagasy species and sustainable cultivation, inaugurated the site.