Everything you need to know about Lavender Aspic Essential Oil

Tout savoir sur l’huile essentielle de Lavande aspic

With a few vacations finally coming up, it's time to prepare your family emergency kit for the little injuries that might spoil your much-deserved stay. Essential Oils feature in an excellent position in this very effective therapeutic arsenal. One of them will be the essential oil of Aspic Lavender which some nickname "the SAMU", it is in fact the essential oil of two emergencies (at least) whose results shake the Cartesian mind to such an extent that he will come to say that if it is not a miracle, it is magic, nothing less!

Aspic Lavender Essential Oil


Spike Lavender is also called male lavender as opposed to female lavender (true or officinal lavender, whose natural union of the two types of lavender will give the natural hybrid called Lavandin. Spike Lavender appreciates the softness of southern areas such than scrubland, arid and limestone hillsides, especially if they are close to the sea. This is because Aspic Lavender fears the cold, which is why above 800 meters of altitude it will give way to True Lavender. .

It grows in elongated clumps. The stem carrying the flowering top of 60 to 80 cm is branched (resembling a 3-pronged fork). Its terminal spike inflorescence flowers in late summer. Discreet Aspic Lavender blends wonderfully well into its rocky biotope.

Therapeutic activity

Its biochemical composition shows a beautiful molecular balance offering it multiple possibilities for diverse and varied interventions. Also we find there the 1.8 cineole (eucalyptol) of the family of terpene oxides at a concentration of 30% sufficient for the anti-catarrhal, expectorant action used in sinusitis, otitis, colds, flu, bronchitis... We there find 30 to 35% terpene alcohols with broad-spectrum anti-infectious properties to relieve respiratory tract infections but especially dermatological conditions: mycoses, herpes, shingles, infected wounds, burns, stings, etc. Camphor is below 10% and should not frighten anyone who rejects ketone molecules. Indeed, any essential oil whose ketones do not exceed 10% is considered safe for use for all types of patients. Let us instead take advantage of the mucolytic, healing and analgesic benefits of this reference molecule in aromatic biochemistry.

We cannot ignore the extraordinary activity of Aspic Lavender to curb the risks of bites from venomous animals (wasp, bee, snake, jellyfish). Its action is exceptional and the result is guaranteed on the condition of acting immediately with repeated applications every 2-3 minutes for half an hour and in its pure state (undiluted). And all this without biochemistry being able to scientifically explain these remarkable cures. Probably an open mind will say that it's a question of molecular totality.

The same reasoning can be held for its remarkable pain-relieving action . Indeed, linalool is anti-nociceptive and camphor is also anti-nociceptive. In other words, these molecules will attach to certain pain receptors disseminated at the cutaneous, muscular, visceral level, etc. Then they will stimulate them to such an extent that a desensitization of these receptors will be obtained. From this moment, the patient no longer perceives or feels pain. Analgesic mechanism further reinforced by the presence of terpene, also anti-pain.

We understand very well the essential nature of its nearby presence to act on accidental traumatic symptoms. For its proven action in 100% of its use, it is part of the winning trio of Essential Oils for any traveler or any situation exposed to various risks.

When discussing its use, we could underline this obvious fact because everything is said in its French and Latin name. Indeed, what is an asp? A viper, of course! This snake lives in the same rockery as that where the Aspic Lavender is found. Old grimoires reveal that any Provençal wandering in the scrubland had to, if bitten by this snake, pick the flowers of this wild lavender and rub it fresh on the site of the bite in order to release the essence which would neutralize the animal venom.

Therapeutic indications of Lavender Essential Oil aspic

Sunburns and other superficial burns

Firstly, always cool the skin tissue exposed to the risk of burning by placing it under running water (from the tap for example for 5-10 minutes) then after drying apply 5 minutes in 5 minutes for half an hour the number of drops of pure Lavender aspic essential oil sufficient to cover the injured skin area.

Subsequently, 3 applications per day of the following mixture:

Bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infections

Otitis: 2-3 drops peri-auricular massage and/or on a cotton wick to place in the ear canal and up to 3 times a day, for 5 days.

Sinusitis: 2-3 drops massaged on the forehead or next to the infection, 4-6 times a day for 5-7 days and/or 8 drops on boiling water from an inhaler, 2 times a day for 5 days.

Bronchitis: 15-20 drops on the thorax or upper back 6 times a day for 10-15 days.

And orally, Oregano + in capsules at a rate of 2 capsules 3-4 times a day during meals, for a week.

Stings, bites of all types (mosquito, horsefly, wasp, jellyfish)

4-6 local applications on the condition 4-6 times a day for 3 days (maximum).

Infected wounds

2 local applications per day on the wound for a week.

The use of Aspic Lavender Essential Oil in daily life

Fight against lice

Aspic Lavender Essential Oil can be an effective solution to combat lice, without resorting to irritating or potentially dangerous chemicals. Thanks to its antiseptic and insecticide properties, it eliminates lice by acting directly on their life cycle.

To prevent lice, simply add two drops of aspic lavender essential oil to your usual dose of shampoo. Then, use a brush also impregnated with two drops of essential oil and comb your hair gently. This method, both fragrant and effective, helps repel lice and keep your hair healthy.

Stress management, sleep disorders, anxiety

True Lavender is an essential oil whose regular consumption can really help reduce stress, anxiety and improve the quality of sleep. Its relaxing and soothing properties relieve nervous tension and promote deep relaxation. To benefit from the therapeutic benefits of this essential oil against stress and anxiety, simply add a few drops to a diffuser or dilute them in a carrier oil for a soothing massage before bed. This method will allow you to relax and find inner balance.

Article written by Dominique Baudoux, founder of Pranarôm scientific aromatherapy.


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