Santé au naturel

Boost your children's natural defenses with essential oils!

Booster les défenses naturelles de vos enfants grâce aux huiles essentielles!

The immune system is our first ally against all attacks that the body may suffer. Did you know that the properties of essential oils can help you strengthen it in order to get through the winter without any problems? In addition, contrary to popular belief, essential oils can also be used for your child's well-being! Want to know more ?

A poor diet, too much exposure to toxins, stress, fatigue or even certain illnesses can indeed impact the body's defenses and weaken them. As we said last year in our blog article “ Maintaining your immunity capital ”, we all have the ability to naturally “strengthen” our immune system by sleeping better, eating a balanced diet or even practicing regular physical activity. Obviously this does not prevent the spread of viruses but it allows the body to heal much more quickly.

It is possible to strengthen and boost your immunity thanks to the immunostimulating and antiviral power of essential oils.

Rules for using essential oils in children

Before listing interesting essential oils to boost your child's immunity, it is essential to remind you of the precautions for use:


  • The choice of essential oil is essential: it is forbidden to use neurotoxic essential oils such as: Peppermint, Rosemary and camphor, mentholated Eucalyptus, etc. and too neurotonic as well as dermocaustic, such as: Cinnamon, Oregano, Thyme thymol, Savory…
  • Always dilute essential oils with a vegetable oil (30% maximum)
  • Cutaneous route and/or rectal route only under 6 years of age
  • From 6 years old, the oral route can be added with ½ of the adult dose.
  • If you use a photo-sensitizing essential oil (e.g. lemon, grapefruit), no exposure to the sun for 6 hours after use.
  • Do not apply in the ears, eyes or nose.
  • Diffusion authorized from 3 months and maximum 30 minutes in a row but it is prohibited to diffuse when the child is sleeping or falling asleep and always select essential oils carefully.
  • This advice also applies to adults: Start with an essential oil skin test by diluting a drop in a little oil and applying the mixture to the crook of your baby's elbow. The skin is very fragile there, it is a good allergy test. Without reaction for 24 hours, you can use the essential oil.


Dosages and routes of administration

Child under 6 years old

This table concerns the majority of essential oils, if in doubt it is always preferable to seek advice from a health professional.

Mandatory dilution of the EO(s) - Cutaneous use only

  • 3 to 6 years: 30% dilution (3 drops HE + 7 drops HV)
  • 2 to 3 years: 20% dilution (2 drops HE + 8 drops HV)
  • 0 to 2 years: 10% dilution (1 drop HE + 9 drops HV)

Concretely when we say “make 10%”, this means: 1 drop of pure essential oil + 9 drops of vegetable oil. 20% = 2 drops of pure essential oil + 8 drops of vegetable oil, etc.

In terms of frequency , it is recommended to do it 3 times a day .
For the cutaneous route , we treat with regard to the target organ . (Example: stomach ache = we massage the stomach)

From 6 years old

From the age of 6 , it is possible to take essential oils like adults, it is even possible to use them pure from the moment these essential oils are non-dermocaustic and non-neurotoxic. Using the skin, the child can, for example, take 2 drops of essential oil combined with 2 drops of vegetable oil (half the adult dose).

Essential oils for children's immunity

Among the interesting natural solutions to boost your body, essential oils dedicated to immune defenses are numerous and give very good results for strengthening the natural defenses of babies or children thanks to their molecular specificity and their mode of action on the immune system.

Ravintsara essential oil

Ravintsara is the reference essential oil for boosting everyone's defenses and is recognized as a superb antiviral. It therefore helps fight against the viruses responsible for winter illnesses. It is impressive from every point of view: effectiveness, safety, tolerance. It is used for respiratory infections such as rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, and wet coughs.

It is also a useful ally for the prevention of flu, and to fight against any form of viral infection: herpes, flu, bronchitis, respiratory conditions, hepatitis, etc.

Neurotonic, it rebalances the nervous system, it invigorates during a slack period and conversely slows down the “speed” periods. Indeed, a more resistant nervous system gives stronger immunity.

In practice

As we said above, this essential oil is a great ally against many ailments, such as: colds, rhinitis, sinusitis, shingles, herpes, etc. Depending on its use, it can be used orally, cutaneously or even in olfaction.

Here are some practical tips for strengthening your child's natural defenses using Ravintsara essential oil.


To protect your baby who goes to daycare: if he is 1 year old for example, you prepare the 10% dilution (1 drop of Ravintsara essential oil + 9 drops of Hazelnut or Apricot kernel vegetable oil) and you apply it every morning on the soles of the feet or on the thorax: 3 drops of the mixture. (5 days a week throughout the risk period.)

For other ages, follow the recommended dilutions in the table above.

Oral route:

From the age of 6, 1 drop of Ravintsara essential oil in a teaspoon of honey or olive oil or on sugar, 4 times a day, until improvement.

Atmospheric diffusion:

Diffuse Ravintsara essential oil using your diffuser for 10 to 20 minutes, 3 times a day (10-15 drops of essential oil are enough).

Common Thyme essential oil with thujanol

Only cultivated in the South of France, its richness in thujanol makes it an essential oil with a very unique composition and rare chemotype. Thujanol common thyme essential oil is an essential oil recognized for its antiviral, antibacterial and immunostimulating properties . It will be used in particular for the ENT sphere. Thanks to the terpinen-4-ol it contains, it also increases immunoglobulin A (lgA) which plays a role in strengthening cellular defenses.

As a result, the pathologies for which thyme CT with thujanol offers excellent results are all infections at all levels of the body, and particularly on tools and sinusitis in the ENT sphere, on tonsillitis, tracheitis. and laryngitis of the upper respiratory tract as well as bronchitis . Its interest is also evident in relieving urinary infections: cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, etc. and gynecological infections: vaginal herpes, papillomavirus, vaginitis, bartholinitis, etc. This essential oil is also suitable for treating many dermatoses: cold sores, shingles, chickenpox. , acne, abscesses, infected wounds, boils, etc.

Very gentle, this essential oil is very well tolerated by the whole family, except for pregnant women and babies under 3 months.


In practice


Apply the recommended dilutions in the table above

Oral route:

From 6 years old, ingest 1-2 drops of common thyme with thujanol mixed with honey, yogurt or sugar, 3 times a day, until the pain disappears.

Lemon essence

Poor diet, the accumulation of toxins and pollutants in the body contribute to weakening our immune system. All these harmful molecules are found in the liver, hence the interest in recommending lemon essence . The latter contains limonene, a monoterpene with detoxifying and hepatoprotective activity which will allow a certain drainage of the liver to best eliminate all harmful components and thus give a boost to the body.

In diffusion, it will be used as an atmospheric purifier during periods of contagious winter pathologies. Lemon is also psychological and digestive stimulant.



In practice

Oral route:

From 6 years old , ingest 1 drop of lemon essence, mixed with honey, yogurt or sugar, 3 times a day.

Atmospheric diffusion:

A few drops in synergy with Ravintsara work miracles to purify the air, diffused in hospitals, nurseries and schools, living rooms, any place where an infection can spread quickly. And on top of that, it smells divine!

Immunity gummies

To let melt in the mouth or to chew, the gum format is easy to use for little ones. Composed of carefully selected essential oils, Junior Immunity Gums are the ideal ally to boost the immunity and tone of young people as winter approaches or during periods of fatigue. The essential oils of Ginger and Peppermint contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system and to support the body's defenses, the essential oil of Chinese Cinnamon contributes to maintaining the child's tone.

  • HEALTHY and NATURAL composition
  • No animal gelatin - Vegan
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Gluten-free, lactose-free, preservative-free
  • From 6 years old

Organic cough syrup

In a single-dose sachet to make it easier to take, this syrup acts mechanically on oily and dry coughs by forming a protective layer on the mucous membrane to protect it from irritation. The antiseptic properties of Chinese Cinnamon , Common Thyme and Lemon also promote the hydration of mucus as well as its physiological elimination.

  • No sugar, no coloring, no preservatives,
  • Gluten free
  • Pleasant vanilla taste, suitable for children
  • Portable, practical format
  • From 2 years old


Organic pectoral balm

In a small, easy-to-carry tube, the pectoral balm is to be used in cases of respiratory conditions. Radiated Eucalyptus , Balsam Fir and Ravintsara help decongest and purify the respiratory tract. The purifying and refreshing olfactory notes of essential oils soothe and improve the comfort of the child following the inconveniences linked to the cold. Its melting texture allows for easy application.

  • From 3 years old.

Hydroalcoholic gel

To keep hands clean all day, and thus limit the proliferation of bacteria and viruses, the hydroalcoholic gel with tangerine and vanilla scent will easily slip into the children's bag. Its formula enriched with glycerin helps keep hands soft and hydrated.

  • From 3 years old.