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Aromatic massage: which Essential Oils to choose?

Le massage aromatique: quelles huiles essentielles choisir ?

Essential massage oil: which ones to choose?

What could be better than taking advantage of the beautiful properties of Essential and vegetable Oils to make your massage a unique moment combining well-being and health? But which Essential Massage Oil to choose? How can we find out more about the synergies to adopt? Our answers in this article.

The benefits of an aromatic massage

We very often talk to you about the benefits of Essential Oils and aromatherapy in general for medical purposes and we sometimes forget that it is an excellent way to treat yourself to a moment of well-being and relaxation.

The aromatic massage with an Essential Massage Oil has effects on the entire body. Applied in addition to the massager's gestures, the combination of Essential and vegetable Oils promotes perfect relaxation, effective elimination of toxins and better venous circulation .

Moreover, it is not for nothing that many institutes offer aromatic massages which will improve blood circulation and reduce stress thanks to Essential Oils.

In addition, aromatic massage also acts as a regulator for the various functions of the body. Indeed, the combination of targeted actions and adapted essences makes it possible to limit or even eliminate certain disorders in the body:

  • bloating;
  • tingling;
  • nausea;
  • heavy legs ;
  • sleeping troubles ;
  • constipation.

Essential Massage Oil has great benefits for the skin. Concretely, essential oils such as Sandalwood ,Damascus Rose or Ylang-Ylang provide tone, suppleness, hydration and elasticity to the skin, in a completely natural way.

Finally, even if it seems obvious, the smells of Essential Oils and their aromatic molecules have an action on our limbic brain, the seat of instincts and feelings. Essential Oils, through the mechanism of olfaction, can act on our emotions and provide us with their benefits in the psycho-emotional sphere.

Discover some ideas for “massage” synergies

A pure moment of relaxation as a couple

It's almost Valentine's Day and Essential Massage Oil can be associated with a cuddly moment! Nothing like Essential Oils diluted in Vegetable Oils to offer a moment of pleasure for two. When applied topically, they allow you to relax and enjoy their delicious smell to warm up the atmosphere.

Our flagship essential oil: Ylang-Ylang

The term Ylang-Ylang comes from the Philippines where we speak of “alang–alang” to refer to flowers that dance in the breeze. In Indonesia, Ylang-Ylang means “the flower of flowers”.

Indeed, there is no perfume or smell more flowery, sensual and exotic.

Renowned as an aphrodisiac and sexual tonic, Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil is known for its warm and sensual fragrance that awakens the senses.

With which Vegetable Oil to combine Ylang-ylang Essential Oil?

Consider combining this Essential Massage Oil with a Vegetable Oil such as Apricot Kernel , Sweet Almond , Argan or in Pranar ō m massage oil designed from Apricot Kernel Vegetable Oils, organic sunflower and rosehip.

For a massage full of sensuality , dilute 2 drops of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil in 8 drops of Vegetable Oil and apply to the lower back and/or spine.

Boost male libido

Although very effective alone, Ylang-Ylang essential massage oil can also be combined very well with other Essential Oils to create a very effective synergy, particularly in cases of reduced libido. Mix for example:

Place 4 drops of this mixture at the base of the spine and massage gently. The best is still two people... You can repeat this operation for a week.

Boost female libido

The properties of this Essential Massage Oil also help stimulate the female libido. To benefit from an effective synergy, here are the Oils that we recommend:

Massage your lower back with a few drops of this formula twice a day.

Essential massage oils to relax and sleep peacefully

To promote relaxation and sleep, many synergies can be effective. Rosewood Essential Massage Oil is generally recommended for its positive effects on our psyche .

Due to its floral scent, it is ideal for soothing overworked or stressed minds. To use it, mix these Oils together:

Place 4 drops of this mixture at the base of the spine and massage gently.

Do not hesitate to personalize your massage oil with the calming Essential Oils of your choice (True Lavender, Noble Chamomile, Petitgrain Bigarade or Vanilla for its softness) and open the doors to an olfactory universe that is different each time.

Always choose organic, non-dermocaustic and non-photo-sensitizing Essential Oils to avoid any skin reactions.

Essential massage oils for athletes

During exercise, the muscles are sometimes put under heavy strain and this causes tension or microtears causing the famous aches or cramps.

Massages are known to relax the body and reduce the muscular tensions that contract it. We then opt for a plant-based Essential Oil for muscles and joints known for taking care of the body.

Therapeutic and comforting, Essential Massage Oil helps to soften the muscles, relax the body and provide unique well-being. Particularly after exercise, massages relax the athlete and allow their body to recover more easily.

Our flagship essential oil: wintergreen

In the context of natural health , it is the Essential Oil for athletes par excellence. It is ideal in case of muscle problems or cramps . It is used both in preparation and in recovery.

In fact, it is composed of more than 95% methyl salicylate, an active ingredient commonly used in pharmacies for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects.

It helps prevent and relieve all kinds of muscle pain. Perfect for professional athletes, as well as amateur athletes!

Which vegetable oil to combine it with?

You can dilute this Essential Massage Oil in Arnica Vegetable Oil for example. And for good reason, Arnica is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.

Also, 3 to 4 drops of Wintergreen Essential Oil diluted in 4 drops of vegetable oil prove effective. To be applied as a massage to the affected areas after exercise.

Do not be surprised to feel a sensation of “warmth” due to the action of Wintergreen Essential Oil when lying down.

How to use essential oils for sport?

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