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Aromatherapy: Pranarôm innovates for our joints!

Certain Essential Oils are precious allies for our joints and muscles. Everyone wants to avoid the terrible cramps and aches after the squash session or after hitting the ski slopes on vacation. So you might as well prepare well and give your muscles and joints all the attention they deserve!

To prevent and relieve muscle and joint stiffness, whether occasional (physical activity) or chronic (rheumatism, osteoarthritis or tendonitis), Pranarôm has imagined a natural, practical and effective solution: The AROMALGIC roller for joints and muscles .

For rapid and targeted action, the Aromalgic massage roller contains a formula to apply to joints or muscles. The formula is highly concentrated in Essential Oils (around 8%), which guarantees rapid effectiveness. This does not prevent this non-greasy gel from being suitable for pregnant women from the sixth month of pregnancy (rather nice if you suffer from back or knee pain, for example).

Aromalgic massage roller Pranarôm has selected 100% pure and natural essential oils renowned for their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-spasmodic properties with muscular tropism, revulsive and relaxing properties. These are Wintergreen, Lemon Eucalyptus, Patagonian Pine, Super Lavandin, Katrafay and Savory Leaf Thyme.

A combined “cold/hot” effect

Applying a fresh gel highly concentrated in Essential Oils using 3 metal massage balls is a real relief for joints and muscles in pain or subjected to intensive training. In doing so, we stimulate local microcirculation and benefit from the mechanical action of the beads. The formula heats the tissues, but the massage tool also cools, for a feeling of comfort regained more quickly. This range is very effective for athletes and seniors alike!

Usage tips

Take a small amount of gel using the tip tube and make circular movements to maximize the effect of the massage beads until the gel is completely absorbed. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day, as needed. Suitable for pregnant women from the 6th month of pregnancy. The gel is really non-greasy and penetrates the skin quickly.

A very complete range for joints!

The AROMALGIC range now includes 3 products. A spray that can be used 360°, highly concentrated in essential oils (around 20%), to prepare tissues for exercise or warming up. An ORGANIC massage oil , formulated with the best essential oils known to be anti-inflammatory and active on the joint sphere, to massage after exercise or in case of persistent discomfort. Finally, the gel contained in the massage roller presented here which completes the assortment. It is possible to combine the use of several products from the range if necessary. Ask your physiotherapist or pharmacist for advice!