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Anti-depression Essential Oils!

Les huiles essentielles anti-déprime !

The third Monday in January has been called “Blue Monday” for several years and is considered the most depressing day of the year! Even if this day is above all a good marketing move, it is true that our morale can be impacted at the moment by the darkness, the cold and the never-ending Covid-19 pandemic. Here are our natural tips based on essential oils to avoid succumbing to gloom and to put a smile back on your face!

Discover our selection of “anti-depression” Essential Oils, ideal for temporary drops in morale and minor discouragements. And for good reason, essential oils provide comfort and some are known to have properties: calming, soothing, balancing the nervous system or antidepressant.

Neroli Essential Oil

The sour orange tree (bitter orange tree) is a tree of 5 to 10 m. Originally from India, it was introduced to Europe by the Crusades. The Moors cultivated it intensively near Seville, in Spain. It bears a smaller fruit than the sweet orange and has a rougher skin tinted with green or yellow. Its flowers, from which the essential oil comes, give off a delicate scent in spring that has always been sought after by perfumers.

This anti-depression essential oil par excellence with its captivating scent is recognized for its calming, relaxing and antidepressant properties. It soothes, relieves anxiety and calms nervous attacks. It is a real well-being ally in times of depression, great sadness or melancholy.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot, like Neroli, is an essential oil that contains linalool and monoterpene esters, which have spasmolytic and anxiolytic properties. Linalool competes with certain neurotransmitters in the hippocampus, which helps regulate mood, reduce blood pressure, limit the time it takes to fall asleep and relieve tension.

The action of bergamot essential oil on the parasympathetic system makes it an ally against low morale . It will have an instant calming effect on temporary states of stress, anxiety disorders, and can therefore help in cases of blues or demotivation .

The smells of other citrus essential oils, rich in monoterpenes , are also known to bring joy and joy of life. We think in particular of Mandarin or Sweet Orange essences.

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

Originally from South America, its very pleasant smell and flavor very quickly won over all those who used it in herbal tea for its relaxing properties . Wanting to prolong a pleasant moment as long as possible, don't we end up offering a little verbena! Nothing like it to encourage openness and sharing moments of well-being. Today, it has seduced the whole world (rightly so) because lemon verbena is very nice.

It provides the energy and dynamism necessary in the event of fatigue or reduced morale and desire . It is recognized as an “anti-stress” and relaxing agent when resentments are felt or when one suffers from digestive inflammation. Finally, it opens the door to enthusiasm, joy and optimism.

Yuzu Essential Oil

The zest of the yellow-orange colored fruit gives, after distillation, an essential oil whose fragrance offers a real delight with its depth and fragrant complexity. We smell both the scent of neroli and that of mandarin or petit grain. A real positive message that puts you in a good mood !

This essential oil is nervous rebalancing, it calms and soothes the emotions . No more rehashing the same thoughts over and over again! A little relaxation idea: pour a few drops of Yuzu essential oil into milk, bath oil or onto bath salts. Ideal for preparing to sleep well and fighting insomnia.

Yuzu essential oil: a treasure cherished by the Japanese

Vanilla Essential Oil (or prediluted oleoresin)

Antidepressant, vanilla is exceptional for combating a sad mood and making you happy and relaxed. Vanillin present in vanilla essential oil is an effective antidepressant. The scent of vanilla also has a relaxing effect. In addition, it has soothing properties for the brain of people prone to stress and anxiety.

Ylang-ylang Essential Oil

Ylang-ylang provides an essential oil whose fragrance is unanimously appreciated for its warm, floral, exotic, round and feminine notes. It is hardly surprising that it is one of the essential oils which, through olfaction , can modify human behavior .

Black Spruce Essential Oil

Black spruce essential oil comes from the distillation of black spruce needles. Rich in esters and terpenes (pinenes), it is known to stimulate immunity and recharge the batteries in cases of chronic fatigue or depression . Harmonizing and invigorating, it will finally support the person who is indecisive, discouraged, or lacking self-confidence. Its woody and fresh scent will immerse you in the depths of the boreal forests.

Our Aromaself synergies

Joy of life, good humor

How to use it ? 3 drops of the mixture on the solar plexus upon rising and 3 drops on the inside of the wrists for the “olfacto” method, 3 times a day but nothing prevents taking 3 drops in the mouth on a little honey, sugar, 2 times per day.

Energy/vitality in case of fatigue, physical exhaustion

How to use it ? Apply 4 drops of the synergy, directly to the adrenals (the kidney area), morning and noon for 10 days. (+12 years)

Atmospheric diffusion - Reharmonize your emotions

How to use it ? Pour 5 to 10 drops into an ultrasonic diffuser and diffuse for 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day.

Essential Oils, but not only that…

A good diet

Alongside essential oils, it is important to have a good diet and a consumption richer in omega-3, vitamins, trace elements and magnesium to fight against fatigue and the drop in morale which sets in during this pivotal period. of the year.

Practice a sport

If possible sometimes outdoors to benefit from natural light. We know that light is essential, so take advantage of walking whenever there is a ray of sunshine. A little gardening, a walk in the forest, a run... Any opportunity to step outside is a good one!


We don't say it enough, but laughter , like playing sport , increases endorphin levels and provides a feeling of well-being. Knowing that laughter is good for your health and that it is contagious, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it.


Huiles Essentielles


2 ml

Une solution Pranarōm 100% pure et intégrale.

Sale price24,10 €
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Huiles Essentielles

Bergamot - Bio

10 ml - Bio

Huile Essentielle de Bergamote. Très agréable en diffusion. Une solution Pranarōm 100% biologique, pure et intégrale.

Sale price5,40 € Regular price9,00 €
Huiles Essentielles

Lemon verbena

5 ml

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Huiles Essentielles


5 ml

Huile de Yuzu 100% pure et naturelle

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Huiles Essentielles

Vanilla - Bio

5 ml - Bio

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Huiles Essentielles

Ylang-ylang totum - Bio

5 ml - Bio

Découvrez l'Huile Essentielle d'Ylang-Ylang. Une solution Pranarôm 100% biologique, pure et intégrale.

Sale price10,60 €
Huiles Essentielles

Black spruce - Bio

10 ml - Bio

Découvrez l'Huile Essentielle d'Epinette Noire. Une solution Pranarôm 100% biologique, pure et intégrale.

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Huiles Essentielles

Tangerine (Manderine) - Bio

10 ml - Bio

Essence de Mandarine. Une solution Pranarōm 100% biologique, pure et intégrale.

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Huiles Essentielles

Bourbon geranium

10 ml

Découvrez l'Huile Essentielle de Géranium. Une solution Pranarôm 100% pure et intégrale.

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Huiles Végétales

Apricot kernel - Bio

50 ml - Bio

First cold pressing of the apricot kernels

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Huiles Essentielles

Scots pine

10 ml

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Flacons et bases neutres pour DIY

Empty 10ml dropper bottle

Flacon compte-goutte vide de 10 ml en verre ambré pour réaliser vos DIY à base d'Huiles Essentielles.

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Huiles Essentielles

Real lavender - Bio

10 ml - Bio

Reconnue pour ses propriétés calmantes et relaxantes. Idéale pour faciliter l'endormissement.

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Huiles Essentielles

Rosewood - Bio

10 ml - Bio

Découvrez l'Huile Essentielle de Bois de Rose. Une solution Pranarôm 100% biologique, pure et intégrale.

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