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What Aromatherapy for my back to school?

When you return from vacation, we can't resist the urge to help you get back to school smoothly thanks to essential oils. We offer you an overview of the must-have products and we give you some tips for a successful start to the school year! Some recipes and essential shopping on the agenda! Here we go ?

Stress ? Not know !

More effective with essential oils at work! Aromatherapy can certainly be a first aid at the start of the school year to reduce stress. They will accompany young and old who can use them in different ways... To face the back-to-school event, we can all concoct an olfactory synergy flavored with noble laurel and mandravasarotra to put all the chances on our side.

For a “winning” olfactory blend

In a 10ml bottle, we opt for:

  • 9 ml of neutral Vegetable Oil of your choice (hazelnut, sweet almond);
  • 10 drops of HECT of Mandravasarotra ( Cinnnamosma fragrans )
  • 20 drops of HECT of noble laurel ( Laurus nobilis )

The trick is to breathe deeply with a few drops of the mixture poured onto the wrists before the stressful event*.

If the stress is so intense...

Whether it prevents us from breathing properly, we can also think about massaging the solar plexus in the morning before the difficult day with an aromatic mixture which fights against nervous spasms, refocuses attention and brings a little comfort. Prepare a mixture in a 10 ml bottle to use sparingly*:

  • 9 ml of neutral Vegetable Oil;
  • approximately 20 drops of HECT of tarragon ( Artemisia dracunculus );
  • About 20 drops of HECT of petitgrain bigarade ( Citrus aurantium amara - leaf ).

* By scrupulously respecting the proposed doses, these synergies can be used by the whole family. Let's also not forget the interest of the ZEN mixture intended to diffuse at home to give yourself a moment of respite.

Give yourself courage:

We had a good laugh but you also have to know how to get back to work with heart and energy. It's not easy to return to work or class. Did you know that Noble Laurel Essential Oil is used by high-level athletes to face the obstacles of competition and to promote concentration? Laurel is also the plant that crowned winners in antiquity, right? Dominique Baudoux often suggests in his works to apply one or two drops of laurel essential oil (diluted if you are sensitive to EOs) on the wrists before a stressful event and to breathe in the aroma. Guaranteed success!

Stiff body? Do not know !

The start of the school year also means the return to sport. Here too, Essential Oils are there. Wintergreen and lemon eucalyptus blend perfectly with the renowned anti-inflammatory and soothing power of arnica vegetable oil. They help us prepare for exercise, but are also our allies for certain comfort after sport. No more aches!

The AROMALGIC range from Pranarôm also offers a massage oil and a spray which prepare wonderfully for sport and which can also prove to be valuable allies in cases of diffuse pain. The massage roller is very practical and easy to take anywhere for a quick and beneficial effect on the joints and muscles. Spread the word ! 


Huiles Essentielles

Laurel Bay

5 ml

Laurus nobilis - Une solution Pranarôm 100% pure et intégrale.

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Roller articulations et muscles - Bio

75 ml - Bio

Apaise les tensions et raideurs des muscles.

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Gel crème - Articulations et muscles - Bio

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Gel crème Articulations et Muscles BIO Aromalgic, pour un apaisement des muscles et articulations fatigués

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Huiles Végétales

Hazelnut - Bio

50 ml - Bio

First cold pressing of Hazelnut fruits

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Huiles Végétales

Sweet almond - Bio

50 ml - Bio

First cold pressing of almonds, almond fruits

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Huiles Essentielles

Mandravasarotra (Saro) - Bio

10 ml - Bio

Découvrez l'Huile Essentielle de Mandravasotra. Une solution Pranarôm 100% biologique, pure et intégrale.

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Petitgrain - Bio

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Découvrez l'Huile Essentielle de Petit Grain Bigarde. Une solution Pranarôm 100% biologique, pure et intégrale.

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