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Growing crisis: how to relieve pain?

Crise de croissance: comment soulager les douleurs?

Mom, my legs hurt!” » Perhaps you have already encountered this type of problem in your child. Growth crisis, also called “growth spurt”, causes a lot of pain! It is better to know how to act when the crisis manifests itself and essential oils can be real 100% natural assets to help relieve.

What are growing pains?

Growing pains mainly occur in children between three and twelve years old. The pain generally occurs in the evening and intensifies during the night, therefore disrupting sleep. This phenomenon is characterized by pain of unknown origin, mainly muscular and most of the time affecting the lower limbs. Finally, although very painful for the child, it is generally a benign problem unless the pain indicates the existence of a more serious illness. It is therefore necessary to monitor your child's symptoms as additional tests may be necessary.

My child complains of pain in the middle of the night: what should I do?

Certain actions can help you in case of severe pain:

  • Soothe your child
    Your child has just woken up surprised by the pain. This event is often a source of stress, especially for very young children. Anxiety can lead to muscle tension, thereby amplifying the phenomenon;
  • Locate the pain
    Growing pains mainly affect the legs and systematically both. It is essentially muscular and is not specific to joint areas (foot, hip, knees, etc.). If the pain is localized in the joints, consult your doctor;
  • Identify potential visible signs
    Once the painful area is located, make sure that this region does not show visible signs of inflammation (swelling, redness, etc.). If visible signs are present, consult your doctor;
  • Massage your child
    Massaging the affected areas helps relax the muscles and promote calm. You can massage your child's knees and calves for prevention, before bedtime. A cream can also be used to facilitate the massage.

Aromalgic balm

Our AROMALGIC children's balm , based on organic essential and vegetable oils such as fragrant wintergreen or arnica , has been specially developed for a relaxing massage for young children (from 4 years old).

Usage tips :

  • Apply a small amount of balm to the area to be massaged and massage in using circular movements;
  • For children aged 4 and over: 1 to 2 applications per day;
  • For children from 6 years old: up to 3 applications per day.

Behaviors to watch out for:

  • Make sure the pain does not persist throughout the day
    Growing pains mainly appear at the end of the day and at night. They rarely extend into the day and do not cause mobility problems. If your child also complains during the day and/or has mobility problems, consult your doctor.
  • Make sure he doesn't have a fever
    Growing pains are not normally associated with fever. However, if the temperature is too high, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Three tips to limit the return of pain

  1. Make sure your child drinks enough . Good hydration is essential to avoid cramps;
  2. Offer him some dried fruit. Growing pains are usually associated with cramps. A magnesium intake is therefore possible in order to limit said cramps and dried fruits are an excellent source of magnesium. However, you should be careful not to give them in the evening to avoid the sugar intake being a source of agitation for your little one;
  3. Opt for preventive massage. Nocturnal seizures can sometimes multiply over several weeks, which disrupts your child's sleep (and yours if he wakes up). Massage before bed will bring double benefit. It will soothe your child and promote muscle relaxation. It is for this reason, among others, that the PRANAROM laboratory has developed a relaxing massage balm specially dedicated to children: Aromalgic children's balm .

In summary, growing pains, although harmless, can sometimes be very severe for your child. However, there are simple actions to treat this pain and to prevent it from becoming frequent. A good diet and a relaxing massage on the affected areas prove to be effective and easy solutions. Finally, consult your doctor if your child also complains during the day or if he has mobility problems.