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Exotic Basil: Relaxation and Easy Digestion

Basilic exotique: Relaxation et Digestion facile

Exotic Basil - Distilled Part: Flowering Tops

Exotic or Indian basil is a plant with a subtle fragrance. Well known in Mediterranean cuisine today, it was also appreciated by the kings of Ancient Greece. The term "basilikos" can be translated as "little king."

Its Latin name evokes its vigorous and rapid growth (ocimum = "fast", "prompt"). The plant, distilled with steam, produces a very aromatic essential oil composed of methyl-ether phenols (about 70-80% chavicol M.E.), esters, and terpene alcohols.

The essential oil of exotic basil is renowned for its antispasmodic, digestive, and nervous system-balancing properties. But what can it concretely offer us?

For Nerves and "Mindfulness"

More and more of us suffer from anxiety, and we know that mental rumination (constantly talking to oneself) does not promote "mindfulness" and can be an additional stress factor.

Living in our fast-paced, action-oriented society is tough.

In energetic aromatherapy, the solar plexus (heart chakra, in the middle of the chest) is massaged several times a day with a vegetable oil scented with a few drops of exotic basil essential oil.

Small circles are made on the chest, clockwise, to promote mindfulness or in cases of indecision and lack of enthusiasm.

In cases of cerebral asthenia (lethargic state, lack of concentration, intellectual fatigue, loss of bearings), Dominique Baudoux in his book "2000 Years of Aromatherapy Discoveries" provides a recipe on page 91: 1 drop of exotic basil + 1 drop of tea-tree in the morning on an empty stomach in a teaspoon of honey or olive oil.

Caution and Precautions: Pregnant women and sensitive individuals should be cautious and avoid using exotic basil repeatedly or in doses over 1%.

For Easy Digestion

Looking for an essential oil for digestion?

Thanks to the molecules it contains (notably chavicol methyl-ether), exotic basil essential oil is reputed to be an excellent digestive tonic.

In case of bloating, heartburn, or stomach heaviness, it is often recommended to take 2 drops of HECT exotic basil essential oil in honey, olive oil, or on a sugar cube after each meal. This method is effective for naturally relieving digestive troubles.

To stop hiccups, a traditional remedy involves applying 1 drop of exotic basil essential oil to the tongue with a finger.

For those in a hurry or beginners in aromatherapy, consider Pranarōm’s Oléocaps 3 capsules, which contain basil, peppermint, anise, and caraway essential oils. These oils are traditionally reputed to promote digestion and intestinal transit. It is advised to take 2 capsules (swallowed with a little water) after each hearty meal.

Tropical Basil for Well-being

The properties of exotic basil also concern overall well-being. It is notably an essential oil for sleep, allowing for restorative rest during the night.

The benefits of basil help combat stress, nervousness, and insomnia. This plant is balancing for the nervous system and has calming, relaxing, and anti-stress properties.

A few drops of organic exotic basil also contribute to mental alertness. It is a revitalizing essential oil that stimulates the mind and concentration.

The uses are many: stress, fears, nervousness, fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, intellectual exhaustion, lack of concentration, lack of willpower, indecision, etc.

You can use this product mixed in your oil preparation for topical application through massage, in the bath in synergy with other oils (always check the usage indications of each beforehand!), or rubbed on the solar plexus area.
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Back from vacation: little aromatic recipes for my back to school

 The end of the holidays is always a special time. For a smooth transition, don't hesitate to extend the summer feeling with a few aromatic recipes for beauty and well-being. Hair, skin, mood: take care of yourself! Extend your tan:Tanned skin is often quickly damaged when you return from holiday, and a beautiful tan can sometimes turn into grey crocodile skin. As soon as you get back, maintain your summer tan with daily massages using an aromatic oil that makes the skin glow for longer, thanks to the provitamin A that gives it radiance. 10 ml carrot vegetable oil 10 ml apricot kernel oil 10 ml argan oil. Add 5 drops of bergamot essential oil and 10 drops of lemon essence for an invigorating scent. Mix and apply generously morning and evening. Bad feet and hands:Have your nails and hands been damaged by beach games or camping fires? Corny feet? Take the time to nourish them intensely with organic shea butter, to which you add a few drops of argan oil and rose geranium EO. Massage hands, nails, cuticles and heels generously every night before bed. From time to time, before moisturising your feet, think about exfoliating them: mix coarse salt with oil and one or two drops of real lavender or lemon EO (be careful not to expose yourself to the sun afterwards). Dry hair:Moisturise your hair with Argan or Avocado oil overnight before washing thoroughly.Lack of energy?Think about going to bed earlier with little transition rituals like diffusing soothing EO. There are ready-made sprays like Aromanoctis to diffuse half an hour before bedtime. In the morning, apply and massage the area above the kidneys with the following mixture: - 2 drops of black spruce EO - 2 drops of Scots pine EO - 5 drops of hazelnut vegetable oil.Feeling stressed?See our article on the subject: how to deal with stress using Essential Oils?Have a great back-to-school!

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