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Aromatic pediatrics: Protecting little ones when winter arrives

With the arrival of winter, more and more of us are asking questions about the use of Essential Oils on children in order to strengthen their natural defenses.

As a reminder, the use of Essential Oils on children and infants must be very careful. However, it is possible by respecting a few principles to allow our little loved ones to benefit from these aromatic treasures.

Let's see this a little more closely with the work of Dominique Baudoux, aromatologist pharmacist, dedicated to Pediatrics. The work of Dominique Baudoux, " Practical Notebook of Aromatherapy according to the French school - vol. 1 Pediatrics " gives us a multitude of aromatic formulas adapted to children and infants. We first discover that children (around 20 kilos in weight) must limit themselves in the doses of Essential Oils used according to the methods of application.

We often remind you that adult doses must be divided at least by 4 for a child between 3 and 6 years old. In this book, we also learn that a child can very well receive treatment in which we find Essential Oils which contain ketones (officinal sage, mentholated eucalyptus, etc.) but in very limited doses: 25 mg/dose /half day for the oral route, 100 mg/dose/half day for the dermal route.

In general, however, we often avoid "potentially toxic" Essential Oils in usual care and find gentler alternatives, which sometimes allows a greater dosage and good effectiveness without risk. For example, a very interesting recipe for chronic bronchitis, so common among children these days:

  • HECT Essential Oil of Cineole Myrtle (myrtus communis): 1ml;
  • HECT of Ravintsara (cinaomum camphora) 4ml;
  • HECT of Monarda (monarda fistulosa) 2ml;
  • CEO of radiated Eucalyptus (radiata) 2ml - CEO of Inula (inula graveolens) 1ml;
  • Hazelnut Vegetable Oil 5 ml.

Or a massage oil with a very high dose of Essential Oils, but to be massaged very locally on children with 4 drops on the back and thorax (2 times 2) morning and evening for 10 days. For prevention, we understand that we can massage one or two drops of this mixture onto the solar plexus morning and evening as winter approaches.

Dominique Baudoux being a father of 4 children and a pharmacist, he himself was able to test his recipes on his own children. A book to recommend to parents looking for natural solutions.

Another recipe suitable for toddlers, and even infants who usually cannot use Essential Oils: pranaBB Organic pectoral balm . This balm can be used from 3 months and contains essential oils of noble chamomile, balsam fir, black spruce, shell marjoram, fragrant inula, and it makes baby's breathing easier while relieving small winter inconveniences. It is certified organic and therefore very natural.



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