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An anti-aging facial serum with evening primrose

Un sérum visage anti-âge à l’onagre

Prepare your anti-aging serum

In our expert advice, scientific section, we tell you about Evening Primrose Vegetable Oil which seems to be a panacea for preventing aging.

We recommend evening primrose (oenothera biennis) as an anti-aging serum for mature skin that lives in the city and is particularly sensitive to external aggressions.

Evening primrose is a vegetable oil very rich in linoleic essential fatty acid, which makes it a stimulating oil for skin cell renewal. It is ideal for mature skin which always tends to dry out and feel tight.

Indeed, this oil is particularly thick and wonderfully protects the most devitalized skin.

To facilitate application, we advise you to mix this oil with a lighter oil, such as sesame oil ( sesamum indicum ) because it is a valuable adjuvant to protect against UV rays. And we know how much aging is due to exposure to the sun's rays!

Store your serum in a small amber glass bottle to protect it from light.

Our anti-aging serum recipe

  • 5 ml evening primrose
  • 10 ml of sesame
  • 6 drops of neroli (citrus aurantium - flowers ) which delicately perfumes and soothes dehydrated skin.

The serum is used as a gentle massage on the face and neck, morning and evening, before your usual day cream or alone. You sometimes have to wait one or two minutes before applying the next treatment because oily serums certainly penetrate very well but not instantly.


Huiles Végétales

Evening primrose - Bio

50 ml - Bio

First cold pressing of Evening Primrose seeds

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Des huiles essentielles pour les chats : est-ce possible ?

Tout le monde n’est pas égal devant les huiles essentielles, et les chats sont affublés d’un double désavantage dans ce domaine : d’une part leur organisme est incapable de métaboliser les huiles essentielles. Cela veut dire qu’au lieu d’être transformées puis éliminées, elles ont tendance à s’accumuler dans le foie. Après quelques jours de soin oral, on peut déjà arriver à des seuils hépatiques très toxiques, qui mettent véritablement la vie de l’animal en danger. Donc, pour un chat, il faut éviter le plus possible l’ingestion d’huiles essentielles, ou la considérer sous forme de ‘one shot’ (une dose, une fois). D’autre part, l’odorat du chat est au moins 100 fois plus sensible que l’appendice nasal humain ! Un chat vit et se repère grâce aux odeurs. Imaginez donc comment vous le perturbez en lui massant la fourrure avec des huiles essentielles !! Certains en deviennent véritablement fous et adoptent des comportements de fuite, ou de prostration. En pratique, il faut habituer progressivement les chats aux odeurs hyper fortes des huiles essentielles. Il est aussi conseillé de bien sélectionner les huiles que l’on masse, car une fraction d’entre elles va pénétrer dans l’organisme et créer les mêmes problèmes d’accumulation que si l’animal les ingère ! Prudence, patience et connaissance sont les maître-mots qui régissent les soins aromatiques chez le chat !

Not too greasy vegetal oils on the face?

On our blog we are obviously fans of vegetable oils which we consider to be the basis of any beauty ritual. They are used as day care, as an anti-aging serum, or as an intensive moisturizing treatment. Vegetable oils are numerous and can be mixed with each other or added with essential oils. Although they are fatty substances, they can be suitable for all skin types and for all uses for more natural beauty. - Why does it make my skin less oily? Oily and combination skin has greater sebaceous production than others. This means that the sebaceous glands in the face are more active and produce more sebum. This makes the skin shiny, and can lead to the formation of pimples or blackheads. Oily skin looks for light and fresh cosmetic products, possibly slightly alcoholic to “dry” the skin. However, this is a mistake because skin dried out by alcohol will tend to produce even more sebum later when it has to reconstitute the hydro-lipid film which protects the epidermis. Defeat fat with fat. You understand, it's better to defeat fat with fat. This is why oily and combination skin has every interest in using vegetable oils in daily facial care. See how vegetable oils penetrate the skin in video. Jojoba oil , for example, is a liquid wax that is similar to the skin's natural hydro-lipid film. It penetrates well and does not leave a greasy film. It will hydrate and soften the skin while calming the production of the sebaceous glands which no longer have to produce as much sebum as when they are confronted with alcohol or water from traditional products. Massage a few drops of jojoba into your hands and apply to the entire face. Leave to penetrate for a minute and then apply makeup if necessary. This same protocol can be used with macadamia , nigella or hazelnut oil , which are favorites for oily skin. Recommended products: andgt; Vegetable oils