Yuzu essential oil – a treasure cherished by the Japanese

L’huile essentielle de Yuzu – un trésor choyé par les Japonais

Don't be fooled by its sturdy, squat appearance. The flavour and smell of yuzu are as subtle and delicate as its appearance. A hybrid between a mandarin orange and a Chinese lime, the yuzu, about the size of a large orange, is native to East Asia. Mainly eaten in Japan, it is becoming increasingly popular with Western gourmets for its tangy, lime-grapefruit flavour. Not very juicy, it is best appreciated for its zest and, of course, its essential oil.

Yuzu essential oil
Like all plants in the Rutaceae family, Yuzu is a small evergreen tree with shiny, deep green leaves and white flowers that give off an exquisite fragrance when they bloom.

After distillation, the orange-coloured peel of the fruit yields an essential oil whose fragrance is truly delightful in its depth and complexity. It's a combination of neroli, tangerine and petitgrain. A truly positive message that puts you in a good mood!

Unlike most citrus fruits, Yuzu is distilled, not expressed. It is therefore an Essential Oil and not a gasoline. The advantage? It loses its coumarins during distillation and is therefore not photosensitising like its lemon and orange cousins.

Yuzu - Citrus Junos

Distilled part: fruit

Main molecule: limonene, γ-terpinene phellandrene

Soothing, relaxing properties
Yuzu can be used topically, orally or as a vapour. Reputed to moderate the central nervous system and calm the sympathetic nervous system, it is highly recommended for nervous disorders, stress, anxiety and agitation.

In this case, you can either diffuse it, breathe it in using olfaction techniques or consume it directly by putting 2 drops in a little honey or on a sugar cube.

Another relaxing idea: a yuzu bath
Add a few drops of Yuzu essential oil to milk, bath oil or bath salts. Ideal for preparing for a good night's sleep and combating insomnia.

Balancing properties
Yuzu essential oil can also soothe an emotion. In this case, the olfaction technique is preferred. It is also effective against nervous asthma, feelings of oppressive breathing, dyspnoea and heart rhythm disorders.

In this case, massage the solar plexus and arch of the foot with 2 drops of Yuzu Essential Oil and 3 drops of Apricot Kernel Vegetable Oil.

Digestive tonic properties
This essential oil is an essential tonic for digestion after a heavy meal, for example, but also for constipation and bloating.

Simply massage the stomach with one or two drops of Yuzu Essential Oil mixed with 3 drops of Apricot Kernel Vegetable Oil.

Precautions: Caution during the first 3 months of pregnancy

As always, it's essential that you like the smell if you are to benefit fully from the properties of Yuzu. Nevertheless, this fresh, light Essential Oil is generally appreciated by everyone, in the morning as well as in the evening, in winter as well as in summer. A wonderful discovery!