Aromathérapie Santé au naturel

The essential Aroma in my suitcase!

Les indispensables AROMA dans ma valise!

From motion sickness to insect or jellyfish stings, not forgetting the inevitable sunburn, don't let little injuries ruin your vacation! Find our essential and 100% natural remedies, to take with you in your travel pharmacy as well as our tips and advice for how best to react to the little aches and pains of summer.

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Mosquitoes and insect bites

These flying intruders who have no qualms about coming to play spoilsport.

Long summer evenings that last late into the night are one of those pleasures that we love to enjoy. To fully appreciate these moments without the inconvenience linked to mosquitoes, ...

In the evening, apply the ORGANIC body spray from our aromapic anti-mosquito range. Its advantages ?

  • Organic repellent and soothing;
  • European and tropical mosquitoes + ticks;
  • Family use (from 30 months);
  • Pleasant scent;
  • Do not dry the skin ;
  • Non-photosensitizing;
  • Effective for 7 hours.

Mosquitoes… my worst nightmare!

These little insects that love to buzz in our ears all night can ruin our holidays! For a summer with complete peace of mind,...

Discover all our natural solutions for a peaceful summer in our organicAROMAPIC anti-mosquito range (soothing gel, body milk, diffusable, etc.) and for our little cherubs, ideal targets for a hungry female mosquito, prefer the anti-mosquito roller PranaBB (from 6 months). Effective for 7 hours.

Damn mosquito!

Did you wake up this morning with itchy red bumps?

The first thing to do after an injection? Don't scratch yourself! Easier said than done, of course, but this will avoid infecting the little pimple.

The cold can calm temporary itching, so do not hesitate to apply the Aromapic after-bite roller 3 to 4 times a day, the cool effect of the soothing gel will immediately relieve you. A formula suitable for the little ones also exists in roller form in the PranaBB range.

Digestive disorders

Fragile intestines are not always happy during the holidays. Beware of unusual foods and tap water.

If you have diarrhea, drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourself.

To regain your digestive comfort, discover Comfort Digest . Enriched with essential oils of peppermint and ginger, the Comfort solution helps facilitate the digestion of fats and quickly soothes discomfort.

How to use it ? Chew 1 to 2 tablets, 1 to 3 times a day before or after a meal.

Muscle aches

In summer we are active, we dance, we swim, we run and the muscles and joints can be painful. To relieve tendinitis, rheumatism and aches linked to sports activities or summer hikes, discover the Aromalgic Roller . Thanks to its composition rich in essential oils of Lemon Eucalyptus, Super Lavandin, and Wintergreen with soothing properties, it offers a natural solution to calm pain and improve your well-being.

How to use it ? You can apply the Aromalgic Roller to the affected area with the desired pressure and make circular movements to maximize the effect of the 3 beads until the gel is completely absorbed. 3 applications per day, for a maximum of one month.

From 6 years old. From the 6th month of pregnancy.

To improve your comfort

Summer and heat are often accompanied by swelling, a feeling of heaviness and tightness. Use your Peppermint Hydrosol to refresh you during the day, on your skin after the sun, as a routine in the morning for a boost of pep, or even to relieve your heavy legs. Also remember to elevate your legs whenever you have the opportunity, this will promote venous return. For a maximized effect, place the Peppermint Floral Water in the fridge before use for a guaranteed freshness effect. The little extra? It can be used during your pregnancy! For motion sickness

Motion sickness, gagging...these unpleasant sensations in a moving vehicle can often ruin a great vacation. Peppermint Essential Oil is essential to overcome these inconveniences.

How to use it ? A drop of pure peppermint essential oil under your tongue will relieve your motion sickness. In inhalation, you can breathe directly from the bottle or a tissue soaked in 2 or 3 drops if necessary.

For its cleansing properties

Renowned throughout the world, tea tree Essential Oil is the star of aromatherapy. Its cleansing properties make it essential for the family aromatheque in case of ailments. How to use it ? Effective in cases of small cuts, bites, stings, apply pure Tea-tree Essential Oil to the affected area in a maximum of 3 applications for 3 days.*

*Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Seek medical advice before use.

For soft skin

Dry skin that feels tight and cracked, sunburn? Sweet Almond Vegetable Oil is sweetness incarnate! Softening and protective par excellence, it is perfect for body care and is appreciated by mothers as much as babies.

How to use it ? Sweet Almond Vegetable Oil can be used in massage, aromatic friction or beauty treatments. Apply to skin and massage until completely absorbed.

For more advice, find our article: 6 Essential Oils and 5 Vegetable Oils: Our essentials for your first aid kit this summer!