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Recipe for emotional balance : Self-belief

Recette équilibre émotionnel : Confiance en soi

Take your inhaler stick with you whenever you need a little extra self-confidence to get through the challenge ahead.

To compose my synergy

How to use it

Breathe the stick as soon as the need arises.

Autorisé aux femmes enceintes

+ 6 years
3 months
Temps de préparation

How to make my mixture

  • Take out the cotton to soak from the inhaler stick.
  • Carefully place drops of your essential oil mixture along the entire length of the cotton pad.
  • Place the cotton back in the stick and close with the base.

Tip : Your stick no longer smells enough? Carefully remove the base of the stick and add around fifteen drops again to the cotton pad.

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Precautions and Warning

Before starting your preparation, please consult our recommendations regarding good manufacturing practices and precautions for use.

Any opinion, reflection and advice given can in no way replace a consultation with a doctor or therapist who it is your responsibility to contact for your follow-up.

Laurel, your natural asset to boost your morale

The relaxing properties of bay leaf act in synergy on the nerves and muscles, making this plant a remarkable natural remedy to alleviate various problems such as anxiety, irritability, migraines or even muscular discomfort.

Its effectiveness also extends to the sphere of sleep, where it proves to be a valuable ally reducing both stress and insomnia.

Laurel contains volatile compounds such as linalool or cineol, which have a calming influence on the mind. These compounds even show promise in relieving certain symptoms related to depression.

How to use bay leaf in your daily life?

As part of therapeutic use, it is possible to benefit from the benefits of bay leaf thanks to its essential oil. This can be diffused into the ambient air or delicately massaged onto specific areas of the body, thus creating a feeling of relaxation both mentally and physically.

For safe application, exercise caution and scrupulously respect the recommended doses and the contraindications specific to this type of use.