Memory recipe: Concentration and alertness

Recette mémoire : Concentration and éveil

This synergy boosts alertness and concentration. Useful for students and pensioners alike, it is also suitable as a diffusion or spray if you are looking for a toning and refreshing atmosphere.

To make my synergy

EO Ho wood - 160 drops
EO Rosemary CT cineol - 120 drops
EO Black spruce - 80 drops
EO Peppermint - 40 drops

Spray 30 m

How to use it

Spray into the air 3 to 4 times a day, as necessary.


Autorisé aux femmes enceintes

+ 6 years
1 year
Temps de préparation

 How can I carry out my blend?

Pour in the drops of essential oils, always starting with the smallest quantity. Tip your bottle at a 45° angle so that you can easily count the number of drops.

Tip: This synergy can also be diffused. Pour 6 to 8 drops onto the water in the ultrasonic diffuser. Diffuse continuously for 30 minutes or intermittently for 2 hours. Repeat 3 times a day if needed. 

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