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Protect yourself from winter ills with Essential Oils

A worry-free winter for everyone! Winter is upon us and we would all like it to go well, avoiding the eternal colds and other feverish states of the season. It is precisely against infection and ailments in the ENT sphere that essential oils fight best... So, why deprive yourself of them? Let's find out together how to prevent winter ailments in practice.

Clean the air

The first action to adopt before the arrival of the cold season and epidemics is the diffusion of essential oils in living spaces. Several solutions are possible.


You can diffuse aromatic molecules into the air using a good quality essential oil diffuser. We ideally always opt for a cold, electric or ultrasonic diffuser. The important thing is that the essential oil molecules are micronized to remain suspended in the air. The diffusers offered by Pranarôm all ensure this level of quality. There is something for all budgets and styles, from the recent Alpha diffuser (low-cost design) to the well-known Sphera (ultrasonic and practical) and the classic Nobilé diffuser (electric pump). When choosing the oils to diffuse, we opt for essential oils with terpenes (lemon, spruce, Scots pine, maritime pine, etc.) which can be combined with essential oils with terpene oxides and alcohol (ravintsara, radiated eucalyptus). The latter are in fact reputed to be more active on viruses. Even easier, Pranarôm's Immuno'plus diffusion mixture is an ideal formula for preventing winter ailments or for diffusion during convalescence. The quantity of essential oils to diffuse depends on the device and duration of diffusion


You can also use an essential oil spray capable of micronizing its contents in order to sanitize a room. Aromaforce sanitizing sprays are particularly suitable for cleaning an office, a dining room, a bedroom, and also why not a gym or a treatment room. They not only contain a unique formula based on essential oils known to be anti-infectious from sustainable crops in Madagascar, but they also have a tip which allows real micronization of the product. This ensures that the aromatic molecules remain in the air long enough to sanitize the room.

Rubbing Essential Oils

To boost immunity as the cold season and epidemics approach, fans of aromatherapy rub a small quantity of essential oil on the soles of the feet, wrists or back. A healthy adult can, for example, rub 4 to 6 drops of ravintsara or mandravasarotra (cinnamosma fragrans) essential oil on the soles of the feet every morning, or of the ready-to-use Aromaforce Lotion mixture which contains 100% oils. pure essentials that boost natural defenses. At the entrance to an area likely to be infected (office, hospital, metro, community, etc.), you can also apply these same essential oils at a rate of 2 drops on the wrists which you rub against each other. another before breathing deeply with your hands clasped in front of your face.

These actions can be practiced several times a day, but overall a healthy adult avoids using more than 12 drops of pure essential oil per day on the skin. In the event of a proven cold or illness, we can sometimes increase to 40 or even 60 drops per skin application but only on medical advice. Be careful, you only rub pure essential oils on the skin if they are well tolerated by the skin (ravintsara, mandravasarotra, lavender and lavandin, eucalyptus radiata, niaouli, cajeput, etc.). Ask your Pranarôm point of sale for more information. Finally, note that pregnant or breastfeeding women, babies and children under 16 years of age or fragile people must greatly dilute the essential oils they apply to the skin, select them while avoiding certain molecules, and be supervised by a professional. health before use. For babies, ready-to-use formulas exist such as PranaBB Immunity local rubbing oil.

Take a course of Essential Oils

Preventatively, it is also possible to take a small quantity of essential oils internally in the form of capsules.

Essential Oil capsules are treasures, to be handled with care however. A healthy adult can opt to take 2 capsules of Oléocaps 4 or Immunoessence daily for prevention, throughout the winter. These capsules are taken in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of cold water, before a good balanced breakfast. The synergies of essential oils in these capsules are renowned for strengthening the individual's natural defenses. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 6 years of age should not take essential oil orally. Note also that in the case of ENT disease or disease of infectious origin, we will prefer to take oregano or Oléocaps 1 capsules, and in higher doses (up to 9 per day for a short period of time). 3 or 4 days often, ask your pharmacist). Oregano essential oil is one of the most documented for its “eubiotic” action which fights against germs and bacteria. Remember that only your doctor can diagnose what you are suffering from, and that it is impossible to know what to take in addition to your medications without a serious diagnosis. A viral condition is treated differently than a bacterial infection, and therefore the choice of essential oils is also different to guarantee unparalleled effectiveness.


Oléocaps +

1 - Respiratory tracts - Bio

30 capsules - Bio

Capsules with 100% organic essential oils including oregano to maintain the health of the respiratory tract

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Spray assainissant Orange douce - Ravintsara - Bio

400 ml - Bio

Le Spray assainissant Aromaforce Orange et Ravintsara parfume et assainit l'air intérieur. Le spray aide à réduire la présence de germes et de bactéries. Efficacité démontrée en laboratoire indépendant. Format 400 ML.

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Spray assainissant Ravintsara - Tea tree - Bio

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Parfumez et assainissez l'air de votre intérieur avec le Spray assainissant Aromaforce aux Huiles Essentielles 100 % biologiques de Ravintsara et au Tea Tree. Le spray aide à réduire la présence de germes et de bactéries. Efficacité démontrée en laboratoi

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Everything you need to know about argan oil

Argan oil, a treatment with a thousand facets If you are a fan of aromatherapy, you already know and appreciate argan. It is an oil that will pamper, repair and protect your skin and hair. On the occasion of this article, we take the opportunity to (re)discover some more technical information on the precious oil that is virgin and organic argan, resulting from the first cold pressing of Argania nut kernels. Spinosa, in Morocco... Argan in detail The organoleptic profile and composition of virgin and organic argan oil are worth a look: It is a pale yellow oil, which penetrates well. Its smell is discreet if of good quality. In most cases, it is reminiscent of roasted walnuts, or in some cases of earth or goat's cheese if the oil is more doubtful in terms of its manufacture. Average composition of virgin and organic argan oil A small half of monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9); A good third of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6); A little less than a fifth saturated fatty acids; Traces of Vitamin E. It is this composition that makes argan oil particularly moisturizing, protective and restorative at the same time. An anti-aging treasure! In terms of food, it is also very interesting as part of a balanced Mediterranean type diet. And gourmets appreciate its taste combined with vegetables, purees, poultry or goat cheeses. Most Common Uses of Argan Oil Argan is used in a host of preparations, pure or mixed with other oils, flavored with essential oils or not. We particularly appreciate it for anti-aging cosmetic treatments, well-being massages, the care of cracks and chapped skin, eczema, psoriasis... and of course in low doses on the plate for a gastronomic experience! Different qualities of argan oil For the record, it is good to know that only virgin and organic argan oil should be used in your therapeutic treatments. Because although claimed to be Natural or Organic, argan oil exists in different qualities. This is undoubtedly due to the fashion and media hype it has generated in recent years. A difference to be made between several oils is found in the nature of the almonds and in the way of extracting the oil So-called “farmhouse” argan oil The Argan tree of southern Morocco, a jewel in the desert to be preserved! Today rare, almost only found in Morocco on production sites, this oil is made by hand and traditionally. The sun-dried fruits are carefully shelled of their pulp. The roasted and crushed almonds are reduced to a paste then pressed in water by hand to extract the argan oil. This artisanal oil can be superb but is not bacteriologically controlled and is not biochemically analyzed to ensure its quality. Very fragile when stored, salt or pepper is sometimes added . This type of argan oil is intended for food consumption, it is darker in color, due to the roasting of the almonds. Argan oil known as “goat” oil Rather rare because today criticized for its poor quality, argan oil from nuts rejected by goats has a very bad smell, a bad taste and deteriorates quickly . It has been proven that the acidity and peroxide value are very high in this oil. In fact, the fruits are consumed by livestock and after digestion of the pericarp, the excreted stones are recovered . An inferior quality oil is produced in the same way as farm oil. “Industrial” argan oil It may happen that you find a cosmetic or food “argan oil” on the market that does not meet the quality criteria described below for virgin and organic oil. In some cases, an oil is sold as pure when it is not. It may be that it was mixed with another oil or other components before bottling, or that the plant was not respected before extraction (by heating it too hard or by adding solvents). In these cases, the oil does not carry the designation "virgin". Avoid such products. Organic and virgin argan oil, extreme quality An argan oil certified organic by a recognized organization (AB or Ecocert or Certisys logo, etc.) is an oil that has not undergone an extraction method that is harmful to the plant. Excessive heating and the addition of solvents is in fact prohibited by organic certifying bodies. Ideally, fruit collection is done directly from the trees. The shelling of the fruits and the crushing of the stones are carried out mechanically or by women's cooperatives. Argan oil extraction is carried out by cold mechanical pressing . This oil from unroasted almonds is mechanically cold pressed and immediately filtered through cotton or organic paper filters to maintain its natural and organic appearance. It thus retains all of its specific composition in active molecules which predestines it for dietary, nutritional and cosmetic uses. This argan oil, intended for cosmetology, pharmacy and drugstore laboratories , has little or no odor of roasted nuts . It is controlled by chemical and bacteriological analyses. 

Aromatherapy: Pranarôm innovates for our joints!

Certain Essential Oils are precious allies for our joints and muscles. Everyone wants to avoid the terrible cramps and aches after the squash session or after hitting the ski slopes on vacation. So you might as well prepare well and give your muscles and joints all the attention they deserve! To prevent and relieve muscle and joint stiffness, whether occasional (physical activity) or chronic (rheumatism, osteoarthritis or tendonitis), Pranarôm has imagined a natural, practical and effective solution: The AROMALGIC roller for joints and muscles . For rapid and targeted action, the Aromalgic massage roller contains a formula to apply to joints or muscles. The formula is highly concentrated in Essential Oils (around 8%), which guarantees rapid effectiveness. This does not prevent this non-greasy gel from being suitable for pregnant women from the sixth month of pregnancy (rather nice if you suffer from back or knee pain, for example). Aromalgic massage roller Pranarôm has selected 100% pure and natural essential oils renowned for their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-spasmodic properties with muscular tropism, revulsive and relaxing properties. These are Wintergreen, Lemon Eucalyptus, Patagonian Pine, Super Lavandin, Katrafay and Savory Leaf Thyme. A combined “cold/hot” effect Applying a fresh gel highly concentrated in Essential Oils using 3 metal massage balls is a real relief for joints and muscles in pain or subjected to intensive training. In doing so, we stimulate local microcirculation and benefit from the mechanical action of the beads. The formula heats the tissues, but the massage tool also cools, for a feeling of comfort regained more quickly. This range is very effective for athletes and seniors alike! Usage tips Take a small amount of gel using the tip tube and make circular movements to maximize the effect of the massage beads until the gel is completely absorbed. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day, as needed. Suitable for pregnant women from the 6th month of pregnancy. The gel is really non-greasy and penetrates the skin quickly. A very complete range for joints! The AROMALGIC range now includes 3 products. A spray that can be used 360°, highly concentrated in essential oils (around 20%), to prepare tissues for exercise or warming up. An ORGANIC massage oil , formulated with the best essential oils known to be anti-inflammatory and active on the joint sphere, to massage after exercise or in case of persistent discomfort. Finally, the gel contained in the massage roller presented here which completes the assortment. It is possible to combine the use of several products from the range if necessary. Ask your physiotherapist or pharmacist for advice!