Pranarôm invests in sustainable development in Madagascar

As an expert in scientific aromatherapy in Europe, Pranarôm strongly supports sustainable development, particularly in Madagascar through AROMABE, an economic and social organic agricultural development project. AROMABE is more than 45 hectares of land cultivated by Pranarôm in the Antsirabe region. We of course grow ravintsara there, the “good for everything” plant whose leaves give us an essential oil with exceptional cleansing and immune properties. On the fringes of Ravintsara, Pranarôm also cultivates more common herbs on site such as geranium, marjoram, pepper, cloves, marigold and even a little lavender. All in ORGANIC quality.

A nursery

The major interest of the activity is also the nursery which allows the birth of new organic ravintsara plants. It is a great place to grow herbs in the best possible conditions. AROMABE chooses organic but also sustainable. The Ravintsara plants in particular are well spaced, and the distillation only takes place on mature leaves, in order to preserve the wood and therefore the plants at all costs.


The AROMABE project could not exist without its staff. Initially initiated by the management of Pranarôm from Belgium and a local player in the essential oils trade, the AROMABE company today has 70 employees.

There we meet agricultural workers employed under long-term contracts, but also horticulturists, engineers and administrative staff. Everyone knows each other and social bonds have been forged over the years, notably thanks to the famous football tournament that Pranarôm has been organizing since 2010 (we told you about it here ).

A real distillery

The goal ? Make a real distillery available to farmers, Pranarôm harvesters and potential partners. In April 2012, the project was well and truly finished and the AROMABE artisanal site has nothing to be ashamed of. A secure space of more than 3000 square meters, a large and high quality distillery, a water tower to collect the spring water necessary for distillation, and brand new offices.

Local support

The official ceremony was marked by a speech from the Minister of the Environment Joseph Randriamiarisoa, enthusiastic about such professionalism, and by an inauguration speech from Dominique Baudoux, whose already impressive career is adorned with a new appreciable memory, that of a new step towards more quality and more transparency for scientific aromatherapy that respects Man and Nature.

The Minister of the Environment, very committed to the defense of Malagasy species and sustainable cultivation, inaugurated the site.