Instructions for use of the mobile diffuser Izzy

Mode d’emploi du diffuseur nomade Izzy

I. Components

1. Handle

2. Lid

3. Mist outlet

4. Base

5. Screw thread/Reservoir

6. ON/ OFF button

7. Light button

8. Ultrasonic pad

9. Micro USB port with protective tab

10. Battery indicator

11. Cover opening tab

12. USB cable - micro USB

13. USB adapter

II. Precautions for use

Read these precautions carefully before using the diffuser.

  • This device may be used by children aged eight or over and by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities or lacking in experience or knowledge, provided they are properly supervised or are given instructions on safe use of the device and provided the potential risks have been understood. Children should not play with the device. Cleaning and maintenance should not be carried out by children without supervision.
  • This device should only be used with the recommended spray substances. The use of other substances may result in a toxic risk or fire hazard.
  • The diffuser should only be used with the power supply supplied with the device.
  • The diffuser should only be powered at safe extra low voltage in accordance with the markings on the device. 
  • If the power cable is damaged, it should be replaced with a special cable or system available from the manufacturer or its after-sales department.
  • The battery should be removed from the device before it is disposed of.
  • The device should be disconnected from the power supply network while the battery is being removed.
  • To access the battery, unscrew the screws on the bottom of the unit. 
  • The battery should be disposed of safely.
  • Do not expose the diffuser to moisture. Protect from rain.
  • This diffuser only works with essential oils or complex essential oils. In order to avoid any risk of oxidation, do not use viscous and/or corrosive essential oils.
  • Be aware of the special precautions for the diffusing of mixtures (see instructions) in children’s rooms, depending on the recommended minimum age.
  • Only diffuse if there are no sensitive persons (pregnant women, babies, asthmatics or people who have suffered from convulsions) or animals present. Do not use essential oils that are not recommended for diffusion.
  • Do not use synthetic fragrances or essences that would risk causing irreparable damage to the diffuser.
  • Some essential oils are not recommended for use in diffusers. Avoid phenol, ketone and aldehyde-based essential oils. Essential oils are active substances that should be used in moderation, while complying with the recommended amount and the diffusion time. Wash your hands after using essential oils. Always observe the detailed precautions for use of the essential oils used.

III. Instructions

1. Remove the cover (2) by carefully lifting the cover opening tab (11) and turning it in the direction of the arrow towards OPEN.

2. Whilst holding the base (4) of the diffuser upside down, carefully screw the bottle of essential oil onto the diffuser (5) without removing the dropper.

3. Turn the base (4) of the diffuser upside down and shake it gently to allow essential oils to flow into the reservoir (5).

4. Carefully replace the cover (2), observing the respective notches in the cover and its base. Then close by turning the tab in the direction of the arrow towards LOCK until it clicks.

5. Once the diffuser has been charged, press the ON/OFF button (6) for three seconds to start the diffusion. Light jets of mist will be released from the diffuser intermittently, depending on the diffusion setting chosen and the light turns on simultaneously in low mode.

NB: Never switch on the diffuser without the bottle in “cleaning mode” during maintenance (see “Cleaning and maintenance”). Never touch the ultrasonic pad directly or indirectly. It is important to always press the ON/OFF button (6) for three seconds to start the diffusion.

6. Select the required setting

  • 6 -andgt; ON/ OFF button
  • 7 -andgt; Light button

7. Once diffusion is complete or when changing the essential oil: turn the diffuser upside down to keep the bottle straight with the neck up. Turn the tab in the direction of the opening, remove the cap (2) and shake up and down for at least 30 seconds (see drawing) so that the essential oil falls back into the bottle.

8. After 30 seconds: while keeping the diffuser upside down, unscrew the bottle.

9. Never touch the ultrasonic pad directly or indirectly (8).

    Bovenste knop: ON/OFF (6)

    • Press and hold (3 sec): “Intense” setting ON | One spray every 60 sec | LED: Purple | STOP: After 1 hr
    • First short press: “Moderate” setting | One spray every 60 sec | LED: Yellow | STOP: After 4 hrs
    • Second short press: “Night” setting | One spray every 120 sec | LED: White | STOP: After 8 hrs
    • Third short press: Return to “intense” 
    • Press and hold (3 sec) At any given time: OFF

      Bottom button: Light (7)

      • By default at the start of the diffusion: Low
      • First short press: Intermediate
      • Second short press: Fast
      • Third short press: OFF

      Note: the light does not work independently of the diffusion.

      IV. Charging the battery

      The diffuser comes with an integrated lithium battery so that the device can be used autonomously.

      1. Charge the diffuser fully before using for the first time.
      2. Connect the USB cable (12) to the micro USB port (9) on the diffuser.
      3. Connect the USB cable to the adapter provided.
      4. Connect the adapter to a power supply.
      5. The charging indicator (10) will light up (red LED) to indicate that the product is charging.
      6. When the diffuser is fully charged, the red LED light will go off. The charging time is 8 hours, with a range of 8 hours.
      7. You can unplug the product.

      Note: It is possible to operate the diffuser while the battery is charging.

      V.  Cleaning and maintenance


      For optimal running of your diffuser, it should be cleaned regularly (once a week) if used intensively. By doing this you will prevent any obstruction occurring.


      When changing an essential oil:

      • Turn off the diffuser and disconnect the power cable (12).
      • Remove the vial as shown in diagram 8, then replace the cap on the vial.
      • Gently wipe off any essential oil spills on the lower part of the diffuser outlet (3).
      • To activate cleaning mode: press the ON/OFF button (6) 5 times in a row (alternating purple, yellow and white LEDs): continuous diffusion for 20 minutes to empty the product tank (5).

      When the diffuser is being stored:

      Always unscrew the essential oil bottle and clean the diffuser thoroughly before storing it unused. Otherwise, the essential oil could solidify and permanently block the diffusion.

      When using the diffuser again after a long period without use:

      • Remove the bottle as in diagram 8
      • Start cleaning mode (see the cleaning mode box) to de-ink the ultrasonic pad (8).


      • Pour 2 ml of alcohol into an empty bottle with a drop counter. To do this, remove the drop counter and when the alcohol has been poured, attach the drop counter again.
      • Screw on the bottle containing the alcohol fitted with the drop counter, shake and then launch Cleaning mode. Leave it to run for a few minutes. Let all the alcohol in the bottle and the reservoir (5) evaporate until the diffusion has stopped completely. You can then use the diffuser normally.

      VI. Technical features

      • Adapter: 5V 1A
      • Consumption: 800mA-1000mA
      • Compatibility: bottles of 5 ml, 10 ml and 30 ml
      • Materials: PP plastic