Immortelle, your ally after a surgical operation

L'Immortelle, votre alliée après une opération chirurgicale

A plastic or cosmetic surgery operation is often accompanied by a certain desire for discretion. Could an essential oil combined with a vegetable oil help accelerate the healing and vascularization process? This is what two doctors sought to find out during an experimental study dating from 2007.

What oils?

Dr Voinchet (Plastic surgeon) and Dr Giraud-Robert (General practitioner); authors of the study, affirm that the Essential Oil of Italian Helichrysum (also called: Immortelle) associated with the vegetable oil of Rosehip , would promote the immediate aftermath of surgery by offering rapid and optimal scar development and maturation thanks to their vascular and healing properties.

This study aimed to:

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of Italian Helichrysum essential oil orally on the immediate postoperative phase and on local inflammation, edema, bruises and hematomas.

  • To study the association of Italian Helichrysum essential oil with Rosehip vegetable oil , in local percutaneous application, during the face of tissue remodeling and scar maturation. To observe the effectiveness on the characteristics of a young scar, on the risks of scar complications (scar hypertrophy and atrophy, keloids, pigmentation disorders) and on the improvement of scar quality after the intervention.


The study focused on two series of plastic and cosmetic surgery patients :

  • 25 cosmetic surgery patients of the face and neck benefited from an immediate postoperative protocol (from the day after the operation) using general (oral) Italian Helichrysum essential oil at a rate of 2 drops, 2 times/ day for ten days.
  • 25 plastic and aesthetic thorax surgery patients benefited from an immediate postoperative protocol using general Italian Helichrysum essential oil and a delayed protocol (from three weeks to one month) using percutaneous application. The mixture of Helichrysum essential oil diluted to 10% in Rosehip vegetable oil was applied by massage once a day to the scars , at the end of the first postoperative month and for a period of two to three month.

The study was based on a clinical evaluation of the immediate postoperative period (clinical examination: quantification of edema, time to appearance of resorption of bruises ). The Vancouver scale, assessing the degree of inflammation, pigmentation, degree of extensibility and thickness, as well as the vitropressure test, both allowed an accurate assessment of the remodeling and scar maturation phase. .


  • Very good adherence to treatment : 100% of patients scrupulously followed the established protocols.
  • Treatment effectiveness : 95% (the loss of 5% is due to the appearance of paradoxical effects requiring discontinuation of the oral protocol).
  • 50% reduction (in volume and resorption time) of local inflammation, edema , bruising and postoperative hematomas (generally very marked). The authors explain it by the activity of Italian Helichrysum essential oil on the vein walls, and by the anti-ecchymotic and anti-hematoma properties it contains .
  • Reduction (in activity, intensity and duration) of complications of the remodeling and scar maturation phase
  • Reduction in post-operative social exclusion from 12 days to 5 days
  • Improvement in scar quality and reduction in the inflammatory phase.
  • No recurrence of pathological scars.

Immortelle and psychological impact of rapid healing

The healing and optimizing healing power of Italian Helichrysum Essential Oil has a positive impact on mental well-being.

Indeed, rapid healing positively influences a person's psychological state. A study carried out in 2016 at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, focusing on the psychological effects of rapid healing, highlights several key aspects:

  • Improved psychological state: rapid healing of the wound causes a reduction in pain, which leads to a calmer psychological state. This positively influences the patient's perception of their overall state of health;
  • Increased autonomy and independence: the speed of scar maturation allows one in four patients to move more easily, thus contributing to improved autonomy. Which helps strengthen the feeling of independence and control over life;
  • Encouragement of leisure activities and reduction of isolation: the healing of the wound has made it possible to remove constraints, leaving more room for leisure projects. This reduces feelings of isolation and depression, promoting a feeling of fulfillment and connection with life.


The authors conclude that Italian Helichrysum essential oil and Rosehip vegetable oil are among the treatments of choice in the immediate postoperative therapeutic arsenal.
Indeed, it has been proven that these essential/vegetable oils provide real effectiveness and good tolerance following cosmetic and plastic surgery.


Oral use of Helychris (Immortelle) can only be done under the advice of a doctor or pharmacist, unlike cutaneous use.

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