Helichrysum or “Immortal” Essential Oil: a very precious gift

Helichrysum Essential Oil is commonly called "Immortelle". We immediately think of eternal life, of the vital force that inhabits the mountains of Corsica or even of a face without wrinkles.

It's probably because we see this plant with small yellow flowers everywhere in magazines. We talk about it more and more often in articles on beauty and more recently in advertisements for well-known anti-aging products. Indeed, this Essential Oil has beneficial properties both for the skin and for blood circulation.

What is the secret of Immortelle Essential Oil? How to use it wisely?

A high-class plant: Helichrysum (helichrysum italicum) is part of the Asteraceae family, described by botanists as the most evolved of the plant kingdom. The plant grows in particular in Corsica where it is harvested at altitude, in the wild, in registered plots and in compliance with the principles of sustainable development. Helichrysum is also found in Sardinia or Slovenia, always in very particular and exclusive environmental conditions.

The essential oil obtained by steam distillation is very complex and is composed of various molecules: esters, diones (close to ketones), sesquiterpenes, terpene alcohols and oxides... This unique biochemical profile gives helychris both anti-hematoma and skin repair properties (thanks to italidione, in particular).

Unparalleled effectiveness: What is interesting is to note that helichrysum essential oil “fluidifies” the blood while strengthening the tissues. It is therefore remarkably effective in quickly reducing a bruise, a bump, a recent varicosity or simply rosacea. For conditions such as rosacea or spider veins , you can for example dilute 10 drops of helichrysum essential oil combined with 10 drops of carrot essential oil in 10ml of calophyll vegetable oil. An anti-redness serum is then obtained for rosacea facial care. Helichrysum is found in countless recipes by Dominique Baudoux to treat venous conditions, but also wrinkles, crow's feet and dark circles, stretch marks and scars. All these skin conditions are improved thanks to the incredible restorative action of this oil. In addition, helichrysum essential oil is also documented for its anti-spasmodic power (it contains esters). It is rarer, but it is sometimes found in massage oils for back pain, aches after sports, uncontrolled pain (stomach ache) or simply hiccups.

Olfactory Presence: At the olfactory level, Immortelle Essential Oil has a lively and intense fragrance, sweet but not always perceived as pleasant. In energetic aromatherapy, it is said to stimulate creative action, to provide the clairvoyance necessary for action. However, we do not diffuse it (it is not very suitable for essential oil diffusers). On the other hand, we can anoint the wrists and the solar plexus if we wish to work on these more olfactory aspects.

A fair price and choice products: Helichrysum essential oil is quite expensive because it is rare and difficult to produce. Its beneficial effects are nevertheless such that small quantities are sufficient and the price is often felt to be justified by users. Count around 25 euros for a 5 ml bottle in ORGANIC quality.


Huiles Essentielles

Everlasting - Bio

5 ml - Bio

Huile Essentielle d'Immortelle BIO, 100% pure, intégrale et chémotypée. Idéale pour une réparation épidermique.

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Hydrolat d'Immortelle (Hélichryse) - Bio

150 ml - Bio

L'Helichrysum italicum est un tonique circulatoire. Il atténue les rougeurs et convient aux peaux sensibles.

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Huiles Essentielles

Huile Essentielle d'Immortelle (Hélichryse) Demeter - Bio

2 ml - Bio

Idéale pour la peau et la régénération de l'épiderme.

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Huiles Essentielles


10 ml

Idéale pour une réparation épidermique. Apaise les bleus et enflures.

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