Florence Veillet: a riding champion who is not afraid of “obstacles”.

Do you know Florence Veillet?

Extraordinary young woman of 36 years old, living in Dordogne, winner of two national level disabled equestrian competitions this year. Despite the titanium rods that run through her spine since an unfortunate accident in 1991, Florence and her mare Quite have an explosive journey that inspires respect and a practice of riding that breathes the sweet scent of Essential Oils.

Florence sometimes says that she went through hell following this accident in 1991 where a driver hit her. His spine is affected and will have to undergo 4 surgeries in order to preserve the use of his limbs. A rider at the time, she was banned from riding after the accident. Volunteer, she faced physical pain with courage and found strength and comfort with her husband Sébastien, whom she married in 1996, and her son Jonathan.

In 2009, after a timid return to horse riding which remains her lifelong passion, she followed the advice of Joël Jeannot, Paralympic world champion who encouraged her to return to competition. Success is there for the Florence-Quite duo who won competitions last July in Verquineuil in the North and in August in Chalais in Charente which lifted them to second place in the general ranking of their category in disabled sports.

To date, Florence Veillet and Quite are first in the series 3 paraequestrian circuit of the year 2009 having participated in 4 stages out of the 9 included in the circuit. They won the French Cup in this same series at Equitalyon on October 31, 2009. Pranarôm is proud to support the 2009 French champion series 3 and welcomes her international dressage classification on October 9, 2009 in Mulhouse to claim international qualifications and for the Paralympic Games (selections to come).

His secret? The entourage of his family and his iron will, but also perhaps a little of the essential oils which help him to boost the condition of his mare and to fight against pain or stress. We interviewed Florence to learn more about how she uses aromatherapy with her horse.

What aromatherapy treatments do you use for your QUITE mare?

“I use Essential Oils for her tendons every time she makes a big effort. But I also use olfaction oils against the stress of competition or for her “heat”.

Mandarin essential oil to breathe, and also Scots pine by olfaction for respiratory problems. When it is more serious, thyme on sugars (about 20 drops per day) and oregano capsules (10 per day in 3 doses for around ten days).

I also massage it with Tarragon Essential Oil which I dilute in sweet almond oil and rub it on the neck and around the nostrils in the event of a dry, irritating and allergic cough, often due in horses to dust (shavings, hay, straw, etc.).

I also use ravintsara in boxing or diluted in sweet almond oil as a disinfectant. When she is injured, I dilute true lavender in sweet almond oil and rub it on the wound.

Aspic lavender, on the other hand, I favor for insect bites and sometimes I combine it with lemongrass essential oil. Quite loves it when I cut her carrots with a few drops of Mandarin, Grapefruit or Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

I give him this snack in the evening because citrus zest is sometimes photosensitizing. Quite's reaction to all these treatments is very positive. This summer she had a severe cough episode treated by oils avoiding cortisone and anti-inflammatories which would have made her positive in anti-doping controls.

Do you also use Essential Oils for your personal care?

"For me the reaction to essential oils is clear: POSITIVE! Plants allow me to take less morphine and medications which were clogging my liver and making me very tired.

I use Oléocaps 2 which contain basil (4 to 6 per day in 2 or 3 doses) for intestinal comfort and for energy.

To combat the pain, I massage a few drops of Ylang ylang on the iliac bones where I have a lot of pain due to the formation of cortisol. I also rub myself when I have a lot of pain with diluted Basil Essential Oil. To warm up the muscles, wintergreen is ideal.

For stress I regularly use mandarin capsules and I take two drops of laurel under the tongue before the competition. For colds and respiratory problems I take oleocaps 4 and pure ravintsara anointed on the plexus.

As the Equitalyon competition approached, I had a sore throat and a very cold. I immediately took thujanol thyme in sugar for 3 days (2 to 3 drops) then oregano capsules.

For the blows which are numerous in my sport, I use Italian anti-hematoma helichrysum and then also lavender or aspic lavender if I have burns. Essential Oils help me prepare for competition and experience it better. In Lyon recently I really appreciated them.

Pranarôm is deeply happy to be able to support Florence in her horse riding practice with its aromatherapy products and welcomes the beautiful energy of such a charming duo on the equestrian track. We wish Florence and her mare Quite all the victories they deserve!