What if Pranarôm was a synergy?

Et si Pranarôm était une synergie ?

We wanted to celebrate our 30th anniversary by creating the Essential Synergy: serenity and balance. Want to know more? Discover it in this article! 

The Essential Synergy

With the Essential Synergy, we illustrate the power of essential oils and their ability to touch all that is human: body, mind and soul.

Essential Synergy contains several of Pranarôm's flagship essential oils. This Synergy is also the embodiment of one of Pranarôm's key principles, the three-dimensional nature of essential oils: the substance, the energy and the sensory olfactory message.

  • Firstly the substance. Beautiful, fine, gentle, pleasing.
  • Next is the energy, invisible but significant. The essential oils in this blend infuse, strengthening the body's physical, psychological and emotional balance, gently promoting well-being.
  • Lastly the olfactory effect, a hyphen between the substance and the energy, the physiological passing on of emotions, encouraged by the smell, each intrinsically linked to the person and their history.

guillemets  Prana means breath of life, the essential breath. BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT, BREATHE...this is life, the essential energy

This synergy and the oils contained is the brand DNA in condensed form : 


Warm notes

Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla and Incense



Peppermint, Pine and Ravintsara


Psychic energy

Incense, Cistus and Cedarwood Atlas

Ways to use the Essential Synergy


  • 5 to 10 drops in a diffuser

Sensory roller

  • 10 to 18 drops in 10 ml of vegetable oil

Body oil

Face oil

Neutral cleansing gel or shampoo

  • 60 drops in 200 ml of neutral cleansing gel

Room spray

  • 8% of total volume, made up with alcohol

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