Bois de Hô essential oil, a very invigorating ally

L'huile essentielle de Bois de Hô, une alliée très tonique

A beautiful tree from the forests of China. Ho Wood essential oil is often presented as the ideal alternative to Rosewood... Like the latter, Ho Wood essential oil contains more than 90% linalool. which makes it a tonic, skin astringent and stimulating oil for natural densities... But who is it really?

Cinnamomum Camphora CT linalool

Bois de Hô is related to the Cinnamomum family, like Ravintsara for example. The full botanical name is Cinnamomum camphora CT linalool which could make one think that it is Ravintsara. We clearly understand here the importance of the concept of chemotype and the HECT label defended by the Pranarôm laboratory. Ho Wood Essential Oil is obtained by distillation of the bark of a Chinese tree, also called Shiu Wood or Chinese Laurel.

The twin of Bois de Rose:

Ho Wood Essential Oil is excellently effective and has good skin tolerance. Like Rosewood , its refreshing and sweet smell is invigorating and pleasant. Bois de Hô can contain up to 98% linalool, a very well tolerated terpene alcohol with anti-infectious properties. It is for this reason that Ho Wood Essential Oil is generally described as antibacterial, skin cleanser, immunity stimulant, fungicide and even sexual tonic. Yes, all of this at once! It is of course appropriate to dilute this essential oil in a vegetable oil to use it. The dosage will depend on the desired effect and sensitivity as some people may still be reactive to so much linalool. A small test under a tape in the bend of the elbow or on the shoulder will reassure you.

Diffusion :

We find a certain quantity of Bois de Hô essential oil in the mixture of Eucaly'Pur Essential Oils to diffuse . This mixture with a fresh and very pleasant smell purifies the air in our living spaces and can be used to protect against winter ills. Some diffuse it several times a day in the office or at home, but you can also breathe a few drops of our Aromaforce Natural Defenses solution on a tissue, or apply a few drops to your wrists to support your immune system in a natural way.

Recipes from the works of Dominique Baudoux, pharmacist:

1. Emerging acne spots, small unexplained pimples:

  • HE Bois de Hô : 2 ml;
  • HECT Niaouli : 1 ml;
  • HV Hazelnut : 3 ml;
  • 2 drops of the mixture applied locally several times a day until it disappears.

2. Cystitis, urinary and gynecological infections:

3. Wrinkles and skin aging:

  • HECT Ho wood : 1 ml;
  • HECT Cistus Ladanifera : 1ml;
  • In the morning and/or evening, 2 drops of this mixture in your dose of day cream prevents the appearance of wrinkles, lifts and stimulates skin regeneration.