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100% Aroma and DIY gift ideas

Des idées cadeaux 100% Aroma et DIY

Ho, ho, ho Christmas is fast approaching and even if giving gifts to the people you love is almost more beautiful than receiving them, finding THE right gift is not always that simple! What if this year we gave you a little help?

In this blog article, find our 100% aroma and DIY gift ideas! with the added bonus of downloadable recipes to include with your gift. Something to please your loved ones while favoring naturalness.

The trio of Essential Oils stress and sleep

To find serenity and harmony.

The essential trio of essential oils

For the whole family.

Winter Vegetable Oils

Winter is the ideal time to offer a little sweetness and comfort to your loved ones with a lovely trio of Vegetable Oils perfect for this season!

An essential oil diffuser

In the heart of winter, diffusing essential oils helps create a warm atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Indeed, their olfactory qualities and benefits have a positive impact on well-being!

Therefore, an essential oil diffuser could well be the ideal gift ! Our CERA Barocco or Linio diffusers with elegant and refined designs give them a natural look that blends perfectly with any interior style.

Easy to use, the diffuser allows you to create a particular olfactory atmosphere and to discover different essential oils (or blends = “ diffusable ”), adapting to all your daily needs (relaxation, sleep, tone, etc.). What is also very nice is the soft light which matches the rhythm of breathing to create a real feeling of relaxation and relaxation.

Little extra: 4 interchangeable domes complete the diffuser to personalize it according to your desires!

Organic spreadables: Limited edition boxes

Have you just fallen for an essential oil diffuser for one of your loved ones or for yourself and you are unsure about the choice of oils you want to diffuse, scents that would be pleasant to smell? We have made two boxes for you made up of 3 releasable ones. Ideal for parties!

“Emotions” box set

This box contains 3 releasables: Party Spirit, Feel Good at Home, and Tender Gourmet.

“Essentials” box set

This box contains 3 releasables: Eucaly'pur, Strength and vitality as well as Zen.

The advent calendar: DIY box

Homemade fans? Opt for our advent calendar which transforms into a DIY box.

Beautiful and comfortable in your own skin naturally

25 essential surprises, bottles to achieve your synergies - 1 practical DIY guide.