Pranarōm training

Share knowledge through training

“I remember the first time I walked through the company doors. I came to learn; until then, I had trained myself. And when I crossed the threshold of Pranarôm, it was incredible all these smells of plants which struck me immediately. I never forgot it. »

Cécile Adant: Pharmacist, Training Department Director

All our training courses reserved for healthcare professionals

When she started in the company in 2010, she had 20 years of pharmacy experience behind her and a solid background in aromatherapy, her hobby horse.

Transmit a passion and advise

Training is a pillar of Pranarôm. From the creation of the company, its founder decided to explain, enlighten and transmit his passion for essential oils to his peers, pharmacists. “There was ignorance, a lack of knowledge of aromatherapy,” remembers Dominique Baudoux, “it was necessary to educate. And little by little, the approach spread to interested people. »

Educate to raise awareness, first. And educate to frame, advise, calibrate usage. “Essential Oils have extraordinary effectiveness,” explains Dominique Baudoux, “we support pharmacists to avoid misuses that would discredit the process. »

Theoretical understanding and practical training

Pranarôm takes this role of trainer very seriously. The training programs alternate between the theoretical and scientific understanding of aromatherapy, and its practical application in the daily life of the pharmacist. Cécile Adant: “10 years ago, pharmacists wanted to understand the theory, today, they need a precise, effective and safe answer to the questions asked by their customers”.

Pranarôm wants to transmit detailed knowledge of the subject, so that each health practitioner can appropriate it in their own practice. “It is absolutely necessary to understand that Essential Oils all have particular properties, and that you must take the same approach with them as with any medication” supports Cécile Adant.

The need for aromatherapy support is even greater today, because health professionals face a patient base in demand, who sometimes challenges them.

— Cécile Adant

Supporting the knowledge of the general public and ensuring an educational role thanks to digital

It's a fact: consumers today find out about essential oils themselves, thanks to digital tools. Because it is fundamental to properly support the uses of aromatherapy, Pranarôm develops digital content that meets consumer expectations, is informative and accessible, aimed at the general public.

Distributed via the brand's blog, and via social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), this content aims to develop the knowledge of the brand's community of users.

Each month, Pranarôm publications reach an average of 500,000 people. The brand has 200,000 followers on Facebook and more than 70,000 followers on Instagram. These constantly evolving figures demonstrate the growing interest of the general public in natural products in general and aromatherapy in particular.

To continue to meet consumer expectations, free monthly online workshops, the “aromateliers”, continue Pranarôm’s educational work and bring together many participants keen to take good care of themselves naturally.

Varied formats, for all levels

Each year, Pranarôm provides nearly 8,000 hours of free training to pharmacists. Face-to-face in pharmacies (nearly 12,000 participants each year), but also in workshops, during conferences, or on-demand training. The themes developed adapt to the needs and level of knowledge of each person.

A Qualiopi certified training organization, Pranarôm also offers training extended to other health professions (pediatrician, gynecologist, oncologist, pediatric nursing staff, etc.).

Constantly renewed training

Finally, since scientific developments require maintaining the knowledge of trainers at the highest level, Cécile Adant's teams rely on the scientific department of Pranarôm. “We are all the stronger today to affirm the effectiveness of our products, but we must remain constantly on the lookout, because knowledge about aromatherapy evolves every day,” she comments. “We are relearning natural health. Dominique Baudoux was a pioneer, and we are taking over, always with this desire to advise, to stay informed and to adapt to the needs of pharmacists and the public.”

Flexibility and quality of training content that participants praise: on average, Pranarôm training courses obtain a satisfaction rating of 9.3/10 (results of satisfaction surveys required to obtain Qualiopi certification).

We want to continue to raise the level of knowledge available about essential oils, and we want to share this knowledge with everyone, health professionals and consumers.

—Sergio Calandri

Training in a few figures

On-site training

3,250 training courses per year
+/- 6,000 participants 


27 webinars per year
+/- 4,200 participants 


70 conferences per year
+/- 2,200 participants 


63 workshops per year
+/- 1,620 participants 

On-demand training  

18 sessions per year
552 participants 

Targeted training  

14 sessions per year
+/- 320 participants