Essential Oils: Discover cinnamon and Java lemongrass in a practical way!

Looking for DIY recipes and practical aromatherapy advice? If you are a reader of ours, you know that we regularly offer educational sheets on different Essential Oils to help you discover their aromatic molecules and understand their benefits.

These sheets contain detailed information on the featured Essential Oil as well as practical recipes.

This week, we offer you two new practical sheets to download: cinnamon and Java lemongrass. To discover as soon as possible for a “hot” summer!

Indeed, Cinnamon Essential Oil (a branch of "cinnamomum cassia") is an Essential Oil that is rarely used since it is very irritating to the skin and mucous membranes (dermocausticity of aromatic aldehydes).

Nevertheless, it has its place in certain formulas for cleaning the digestive tract and for cooking (long live flavored desserts!). It also warms the senses when it is very weakly dosed in a cosmetic.

Java lemongrass (cymbopogon winterianus) is one of the summer essentials for its two-in-one effect: mosquito repellent and soothing in case of bites.

Its anti-inflammatory action is also documented in joint care protocols.


Huiles Essentielles

Chinese cinnamon - Bio

10 ml - Bio

Découvrez l'Huile Essentielle de Cannelier de Chine. Une solution Pranarôm 100% biologique, pure et intégrale.

Sale price6,50 €
Huiles Essentielles

Java citronnella

10 ml

Une solution Pranarōm 100% pure et intégrale.

Sale price4,35 €