The Cera diffuser and its dome

Le diffuseur Cera et son dôme

The Cera diffuser evolves with 2 new variants: the Cera Barocco diffuser and the Cera Linio diffuser.

These 2 diffusers keep the elegance of the Cera diffuser while being differentiated by the design of the ceramic dome and by the color of the wood.

For the

Cera Barocco 

diffuser, the rubberwood reveals a soft beige color and the ceramic dome reveals a subtle, transparent mood light through designs that remind us of the architectural lines of Italian buildings.

For the

Cera Linio

diffuser, the beautiful brown color of the rubberwood brings a warm note and the ceramic dome with a lined graphic effect seduces by the luminous atmosphere thus diffused with finesse.

In addition to these 2 new diffusers, a new concept is proposed: the personalization of the Cera diffuser by domes with various designs: thanks to the individual interchangeable domes which exist in 4 versions: Barocco, Linio, Punti and Scala, adapt your Cera diffuser easily to any occasion, every desire.